Coronavirus India Update : Gujarat vs Karnataka- Which state is performing better?

Coronavirus India Update : Gujarat vs Karnataka-  Which state is performing better?

Coronavirus India Update : Gujarat and Karnataka are among top ten worst hit states in India by Coronavirus. While Karnataka has made its position in the top 5, Gujarat is at the ninth place. Karnataka is just behind Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. Gujarat till date has reported less than one-lakh cases, while Karnataka is on its way to breach the 1.5 lakh mark.

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Here are a few parameters on which we can access the coronavirus situation in the two states, and compare them-

Coronavirus India Update : Gujarat vs Karnataka: Tests Per Million

Adequate testing is one of the most fundamental and important to identify and eradicate the virus from the place. If not done enough it can result to a chain spread of the virus which we won’t be able to trace. Each state has a varied population; hence it is important to conduct a high number of tests per million in the state.

Karnataka has conducted more tests per million than Gujarat.

Gujarat has conducted a total of 8,34,104 tests until now, which translates into 12,278 tests per million population of Gujarat.

Karnataka has conducted 14,46,558 tests until now, which accounts to 21,985 tests per million population.

Coronavirus India Update : Gujarat vs Karnataka: Cases Per Million

Karnataka’s case per million case per million count is double of that of India itself. In India, for every million population, there are 1392 reported infections. In Karnataka, for every million population, 2121.2 people have been infected. The total number of reported cases in the state stand at 1,39,571 as of now.

Gujarat has a much lower case per million and it stands at 952.1 as of 4th August. 64,654 infections have been reported in the state so far.

Gujarat vs Karnataka: Active Cases

There are as many as 14,517 active cases in Gujarat. The recovery rate in the state is one of the highest, at 73.7%. Only 22.4% of the cases in the state are active, and 47,663 have recovered. Most of these active cases are from Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Rajkot.

In Karnataka, the recovery rate is lower than 50%, which is a matter of concern for the state, as their health system might get overwhelmed in the coming future due to a heavy case load.

53.4% of the total cases are active Karnataka. 74,468 people are still undergoing treatment for the disease and 62500 have recovered. The recovery rate in the state is just 44.8%. Most of the active cases in Karnataka are from Bengaluru Urban, Ballari, Mysuru.

Gujarat vs Karnataka: Mortality Rate

Despite such a big difference in the number of cases per million, Gujarat and Karnataka have reported nearly the same number of deaths caused due to the virus,

In Karnataka, 2594 people have lost their lives due to the coronavirus. The fatality rate in state is 1.9%.

Whereas, in Gujarat, despite reporting a significantly lesser amount of coronavirus cases, the number of deaths due to the virus stands at 2504. The fatality rate in Gujarat, at 3.9%, is very high.

Gujarat vs Karnataka: Average Growth Rate

The cases in Karnataka are rapidly increasing, the growth rate this week has been very high. The growth rate of cases is calculated on the basis of the number of cases that increased this past week. In Karnataka, the cases increased by a whopping 5.4% each day.

In Gujarat, this average daily growth percentage is much lower, at 2%. Although it isn’t too low, but it is still not amongst the highest in the country.

While the recovery rate in Gujarat is impressive, the troubling factor remains the high fatality rate in the state. In Karnataka, despite a surge in the number of cases, the death rate hasn’t blown through the roof. Gujarat’s lesser number of reported cases can also be due to the fact that they have conducted lesser number of tests per million population. In Karnataka, from Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa to former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah are reported to be Corona positive. However, in last two days the number of cases reported in both Karnataka and Gujarat have declined.

Coronavirus India Update : Gujarat vs Karnatka- Which state is performing better?

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