Coronavirus India Update : Has India Conducted 2nd Highest Sample Tests in world?

Coronavirus India Update : On Friday, White House said that after United States, India has conducted the 2nd highest number of Coronavirus sample tests. According to White House, US has carried out the highest number of sample tests which is 42 million while India has done the second largest number of sample tests which is 12 million tests.

Addressing the media, the White House Press Secretary, Keyleigh McEnany said, “With regard to the coronavirus testing, we’ve done more than 42 million tests. The second-highest number is 12 million from India. We’re leading the world in testing.” 

Did India Conduct 2nd Highest Coronavirus Sample Tests?

As per the official Government of India number, India has so far conducted 1,30,72,718 tests. The highest per day test for India stands at 3.2 lakhs. However, as per the data from, Russia has conducted more tests than India. According to them, Russia has already conducted 24,053,516 Coronavirus sample tests which is 10 million more tests than what India has conducted so far. United States on other hand has conducted a total of 45,697,029 coronavirus sample tests.

If the data as per Worldometer is to be believed, then China has conducted 90,410,000 sample tests which is the highest among any country in the world. However, since there has been no correct information about Coronavirus cases from China, there has always been doubt regarding the data from the Communist country.

How is world responding to Coronavirus?

Around the world at present 13,952,406 Coronavirus cases are reported. 8,284,285 people have already recovered while 592,757 have lost their life due to the virus. In terms of number of cases, United States have reported the highest number of Coronavirus cases so far. US has already reported, 3,695,025 Coronavirus cases. The active cases in the country is more than the recovered cases. While 1,679,633 people have recovered till now, the active cases in USA at present stands at 1,874,274.

Coronavirus India Update

As for India, it has the third highest Coronavirus number in the world. India has been reporting record number of cases daily. As of 16th July the total number of cases reported in India stands at 1,005,637. However, India has reported more number of recovered cases than the active cases as of 16th July. At present there are 343,426 active cases in the country with 636,602 people already recovered. India has reported around 25,609 deaths due to Coronavirus till now.

With the rising number of cases around the world, every country in the world is focused in developing the vaccine for the virus. China’s CanSino Biologics is the only vaccine till date which has been approved. However, the vaccine has been approved for limited use that is for Chinese military. Around the world, researchers are developing more than 155 vaccines. Of them more than 135 vaccines are in preclinical phase, 15 are in Phase I of the testing phase. 11 are in Phase II and 4 are in Phase III of the testing phase.

Source : New York Times

With rising number of cases around around the world, vaccine is only solution which can help the life return to normality. It is expected that world will have a Coronavirus vaccine by the end of 2020 of early 2021.

Coronavirus India Update : Has India Conducted 2nd Highest Sample Tests in world?

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