Good News: Coronavirus Recovery in India Crosses 2 Million Mark

Coronavirus Recovery in India : The Coronavirus cases in the country are increasing at an ever so fast pace. The country is adding up more than half a lakh cases each passing day, and the number is just escalating.

However, the number of recoveries is also increasing. The recovery rate has significantly grown in the past few weeks. The cases might be growing exponentially, but only 25% of the total confirmed cases are active. The recovery rate has gone up to 73.18%.

Coronavirus Recovery in India : States with the highest recovery rate

  • Delhi- 90.1%
  • Haryana- 84.4%
  • Tamil Nadu- 82.9%
  • Gujarat- 78.8%
  • Telangana- 77.3%
  • Rajasthan- 75.9%
  • West Bengal- 75.5%
  • Bihar- 73.5%
  • Andhra Pradesh- 71.3%
  • Maharashtra- 71.1%

The coronavirus recovery rate in India is on the rise, and subsequently, the fatality rate of the country is also declining. This can indicate India’s on the path towards recovery.

As many as 9 lakh tests are being conducted each day. Since January, when India started testing, as many as 3 million people have been tested postive for the virus. The increased testing has given us an increased positivity rate, but on the bright side, there is an increased number of virus identification, and the chain is being traced and tested. This will help trace and break the infection chain.

Almost five months post the onset of the world’s stringent lockdown, the testing has increased, the recoveries are superseding the daily infections. The fatality rate is now at 1.91%.

In the past 24 hours, as many as 60,091 people recovered from the virus, which is the highest coronavirus recovery in India till date.

The active cases in the country at 6,76,514 are lesser than the recoveries by more than 13 lakhs.

This could be possible due to the combined cohesive support of the frontline and essential workers, who relentlessly put their head-to-toe efforts in stabilizing the coronavirus pandemic situation in the country. India is a very populous country, with an even greater population density. This makes it very prone to an extended pandemic phase, as it gets difficult to control, monitor or stabilize the virus. The healthcare workers and essential service providers have contributed majorly in bringing the country to a more stable position than it was a couple of months ago.

The healthcare infrastructure also has seen major up-gradation and advancement. India is now producing and manufacturing testing kits, which were limitedly available until a few months ago. Till January where only one testing facility was present, eight months down the lane we have hundreds of testing centers.

Many people have also contested the use of the Recovery rate in determining the condition of the country. The recoveries indicate an outcome of the disease. With an increasing recovery rate we are reaching different stages of the pandemic.

On Independence Day, Honorable PM Narendra Modi spoke about the development of vaccines in the country. He stated that as many as three candidates are undergoing trials presently and as soon they are approved for human use, the mass production for the same will commence. Two indigenous vaccines are also a part of this race, which are the Zydus Cadila vaccine candidate, and Bharat biotech’s Covaxin.

Coronavirus Recovery In India
Coronavirus Recovery In India

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