Coronavirus Recovery in India crosses 77% with over 33 lakh Cured

Coronavirus Recovery in India : In recent days India has become topic of discussion for handling Corona virus. India has been reporting the highest daily number of cases in the world in last few day. Moreover, India took over Mexico to become the 2nd most affected country in the world by Corona virus.

However, one thing that India can boast about is the rate of recoveries. Of 42,84,103 total cases of Coronavirus, 33,24,060 cases have already been cured. The recovery rate in India as of now stands at 77.59% which means of every 100 cases of Coronavirus positive in India 77 cases are cured as of now.

Among the states and Union Territories, Andaman and Niccobar has the highest recovery rate in the country. 89.2% of total cases reported in Andaman and Niccobar Islands have already recovered. Till date Andaman and Niccobar Island has reported 3,359 positive cases of Coronavirus and 2997 cases have already been cured. 50 people have lost their lives due to COVID-19 in the Andamans.

The top five states/ UTs with Highest Rate of Coronavirus recovery in India are:

Five states/ UTs with Worst Rate of Coronavirus recovery in India are:

Coronavirus recovery in India : National Stats

In India, as of today 8,86,604 cases of Coronavirus positive are still active that 20.7% of total reported cases in country are active.

The fatality ratio of India is relatively low as compared to rest of the world. As of now the rate of fatality in India stands at 1.7% of total number of reported cases. 72,843 people have succumbed to virus in India as of now.

Coronavirus Recovery in India

India has conducted 5,06,50,128 Coronavirus sample tests till date which is the second highest number of sample tests conducted by any country. The rate of positivity in India stands at 8.5% which means for every 100 sample tested around 8-9 samples are reported to be positive for Coronavirus.

India has been making to news because of the increase in number of cases, however, one should not ignore the fact that with over 130 crore population India is doing better than any country in the world. But to win the fight against the virus, it is the duty of common citizen to follow all the government guidelines as well as spread the awareness about it.

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