Coronavirus Recovery Rate in India at 62.42% : Check where your state stands

Coronavirus Recovery Rate in India: With over 8,21,000 cases India at present is the World’s 3rd most affected country by coronavirus. However, the country has very high recovery rate. At present the total recovery rate in India is about just over 62%. 5,16,240 people infected with coronavirus have recovered till date and around 2,83,108 cases are active in the country.

Among the active cases Maharashtra tops the list with over 95,000 active cases followed by Tamil Nadu which has 46,108 active case as of 10th July and Delhi which has just over 21,000 active cases. Sikkim has the least number of active cases that is only 41 followed by Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Mizoram.

Coronavirus Recovery Rate in India : Which State has Highest Recovery Rate?

As per the data released by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 10th July, 18 states/union territories have recovery rate higher than the national average which stands at 62.42%. The improvement in recovery rate can be attributed to combined effort of both center and state government to fight against the pandemic. At present Union territory of Ladakh has the highest rate of recovery that is 86.73% followed by Uttarakhand which stands at 80.85% and then Chattishgarh which has recovery rate of 78.99% as of 10th of July. The states having recovery rate more than national average are as follows:

Source : PIB India

The fatality rate in the country too declined. At present the national average stands at 2.72%. 30 states/Union Territories have fatality rate lower than the national average. The seven sister states of North-east and Sikkim all have fatality rate lower than the national average. Sikkim, Mizoram, Nagaland and Manipur have 0% fatality rate.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu and Andaman and Nicobar Islands too have 0% fatality rate. State of Maharashtra has recorded the most number of deaths due to Coronavirus. At present the total number of deaths due to Coronavirus in state stands at 9893 which is followed by Delhi which has recorded 3,300 deaths. Gujarat with just over 2000 reported deaths is at number three when it comes to total death numbers due to COVID-19.

Source : PIB India

Though the recovery rate is improving on daily basis and the rate of fatality is decreasing, the number of cases in country is rising everyday. On Friday, 10th July, 26,506 new cases were added. The number of sample test per day has increased which now stands at an average of 2.5 lakhs daily sample tests. India even accounts to one of the lowest cases per million as per WHO. However, the fight against Coronavirus is far from over. India is hopeful that the vaccines, Bharat Biotech’s COVAXIN and Zydus Cadilas COVID vaccines which is undergoing human trials produces positive result so that country and the world gets to do away with the invisible common enemy, Coronvirus.

Coronavirus Recovery Rate in India at 62.42% : Check where your state stands

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