Coronavirus Second Wave in Europe : Virus returns in Italy, Spain, France and UK

Coronavirus Second Wave in Europe : When Coronavirus spread across the world it was Europe which was most affected. European countries of Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom reported the most cases initially. This was the time when countries like India was reporting fewer number of cases. However, the European countries were able to contain the virus by mid-April and very fewer cases were being reported from these European countries.

In last few days, Europe is again experiencing the rise of Coronavirus cases. The rise in cases is indication of 2nd wave of virus attack in the European countries. Spain, Italy, France which were the most affected countries when Coronavirus hit the world initially have again started to show the trends similar to March.

Coronavirus Second Wave in Europe : Italy

Italy has reported a total of 278K coronavirus cases till date. A total of 35,542 people have lost their lives in Italy due to coronavirus infection. Italy experienced a rise in number of cases in March however since then cases decreased and around 200-400 cases were being reported in the months of June-August. But the cases have again started rising in Italy and on 6th September Italy reported 1296 cases and on 5th its was 1732 cases.

Coronavirus Second Wave in Europe

Coronavirus Second Wave in Europe : Spain

After experiencing peak in the month of March, Spain got relief from virus in the months of April-June. The daily cases were less than 500 a day. However, since August the cases have started rising in Spain once again. The last reported daily number of cases was on 4th September of 10,476 cases and increase of almost 2000 cases from previous days tally.

Spain has as of 4th September recorded, 499K cases with 29,418 deaths related to coronavirus.

Coronavirus Second Wave in Europe : France

France too seem to be experiencing the similar trends as Spain and Italy. On 6th September, 7071 cases were reported in France with 3 deaths related to Coronavirus. Previous day that is on 5th September, 8975 cases were reported from France.

Till date France has reported 325K positive cases of coronavirus with 30,701 deaths.

Coronavirus Second Wave in Europe : United Kingdom

United Kingdom has reported as of now 347K cases of coronavirus as of now. There has been 45,551 deaths due to coronavirus in UK. The cases in UK has started to rise once again since last month. The latest number was reported on 6th September. A total of 2988 cases were reported and increase of around 1000 cases from previous day number of 1813.

Till date a total of 27,301,253 cases have been reported in world. 887,630 have already lost their lives due to coronavirus in entire world till date. US is the most affected country in world due to coronavirus. USA alone has reported 19253 deaths due to coronavirus till date.

India is the 2nd most affected country in world after USA. It overtook Mexico yesterday and has been reporting the most number of daily cases in world since few days. India has reported over 4.2 Million coronavirus cases till date with 71,711 deaths.

With the sign of second wave of Coronavirus in Europe it seems the only way virus can be contained is with the help of a vaccine. Recently Lancent journal found the vaccine developed by Russia to be effective and found to be developing anti-body against the virus in human body. Therefore, with cases rising steeply, the world waits for vaccine so that the life can return to normal once again.

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