Coronavirus Tests In India : A record of 4,42,263 tests Conducted

Coronavirus Tests In India : A new testing record was set in the country yesterday, where more than 4.2 lakh tests were conducted. A total of 4,42,263 tests were carried out on 25th July, a new record in Coronavirus sample testing. As of 25th July 1,62,91,331 tests have been carried out. With this increase ,tests per million population also increased to 11485.

India’s coronavirus cases are exponentially increasing each passing day. India has crossed the grim milestone of 13-lakh cases. On Saturday,  48,916 fresh cases were registered. This is third day in a row that India registered over 45,000 cases in a day. However, of total cases only 4,56,071 are active while 8,49,431 have already been cured/discharged/migrated.

Around 757 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours, this took the death toll to 31,358.

India has increased its testing numbers, however, the positivity rate of the country has also shot up significantly. Presently the positivity rate of the country is 11.6%. We won’t be out of the woods until the rate drops down to 5% or below, and stays there for over two weeks.

The higher testing is also the reason why the number of cases is sky-rocketing in the country. The aggressive testing method will result in the cases to boom but it will also result in an eventual decline in the number of cases eventually. This is hoped as it happened in Delhi which was slowly turning into a coronavirus hotspot. Now the condition of Delhi is relatively stable. This is hoped for the entire country.

The population of India is over 1.3 billion, and till now we have only conducted 1.58 crore tests, and given the daily positive cases. Therefor, it is imperative to further increase the number of tests in the country.

Coronavirus Tests in India : State with Lowest Test Per Million Population

The state with the lowest tests per million in India is Bihar, with just over 3699 tests per million. The state has conducted a total of 4.42 lakh tests till date. The state also has a very high weekly growth rate, which is 5%.

The country’s recovery rate has also increased significantly, and is above 63% now.

Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are seeing a major spike in their number of cases, and have retained the top two positions in the country with the maximum number of cases. South Indian states including Karnataka, Telangana have been witnessing a major spike as well, and are contributing the most.

Coronavirus Tests in India : How Country Improved its Testing Facility?

India has taken a big leap in terms of medical development with respect to controlling the spread of Coronavirus. In January there was merely one lab in the whole country, now there are 1.3k labs. India started manufacturing its own testing kits after the ones which came from China were deemed as faulty. India has been independently gearing up efforts to beat the virus. While there is definitely room for more to be done, testing does need to increase but we have also come a long way, and that cannot be ignored. In a report by the White House, India has conducted the second most tests in the world.

The government cannot alone beat the virus, each and every citizen needs to be extra cautious while moving out of the house and follow the government issues guidelines properly. USA has conducted more than 42 million tests, which is impressive. India, the country which has conducted the second-highest tests in the World, has conducted around 12 million tests.

Coronavirus Tests In India : A record of 4,42,263 tests Conducted

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