Coronavirus Tragedy in Bihar : Groom Dead, Can’t celebration wait?

Coronavirus Tragedy in Bihar : In Patna on June 15th a wedding took place. Groom, who was an engineer in Gurugram married a local girl in Paliganj a village 22 kms away from Patna. However, the marriage did not turn out to be a blessing for family. Groom, who was 30 years old died two days after the marriage. However, things doesn’t end here.

Before the Groom attended his marriage, he was unwell since his stay in Gurugram and had also visited a hospital in city with a complain of diarrhoea. Back home, the groom was running high fever and wanted the ceremony to be deferred however, his parents forced him to take medicine and attend the marriage ceremony.

It is reported that over 350 people attended the marriage ceremony. As per guidelines only 50 people are supposed to attend a marriage function. Two days after his marriage, the Groom died when he was being taken to AIIMS Patna and his parents cremated his body. A point to notice, his symptoms clearly showed that he might have been infected with COVID-19 but none cared to get him tested.

Why the Marriage Ceremony is a Coronavirus Tragedy in Bihar?

The marriage function was attended by as many as 350 people as per report. As the news of death of Groom spread, the District Administration ordered for the Coronavirus test of the close relatives. Results were shocking. As many as 15 relatives who attended the ceremony tested positive for Coronavirus. The matter did not end there. As we know the marriage function was attended was as many as 350 people, the administration became alert and tests were conducted upon the ones who attended the function. To a shocker to all, around 100 people tested positive for Coronavirus. On Monday, these numbers were part of the state’s highest single-day rise of 394 coronavirus cases. 

Who is to be blamed for the Incident?

Every parents wants to have a grand celebration when their children get married. However, in some situation making a compromise can benefit not just family but entire society. The incident of Bihar is sad yet it is a result of ignorance of everyone.

  1. The Groom suffered from diarrhoea which is one of the symptom of COVID-19. However, he was ignorant and just took a medicine or two from local city hospital in Gurugram.
  2. The doctor in city hospital could have prescribed the Groom to take a test along with prescribing him the medicines for diarrhoea.
  3. The Groom wanted to deffer the marriage as he felt he was not in a better condition, however, the parents insisted on him to take some medicine and attend his marriage ceremony.
  4. As the rule, social distancing is must to stop the spread of virus, the report of over 350 people attending the function was simply a mockery of the rule. The local administration could have asked the family to have least gathering in the function.
  5. The parents cremated the body without informing the authority, if they could informed, the authority could have conducted COVID-19 test on the Groom’s body.

Why Celebrations can wait during COVID-19 Crisis?

The Groom died on 17th of June. His wife could not have imagined that her happiness could last only for two days. Ignorance by all, from Groom to Gurugram doctor to his parents to authority in Patna are responsible for stealing away happiness of the newly wed bride. Coronavirus is not a joke, it has ruined the lives of millions of families around the world. Any symptoms should not be taken lightly. It is better to be tested than to regret later.

By profession an engineer, the Groom could have got himself tested in Gurugram itself. Celebrations can wait, life doesn’t. Saving a life is a priority, we can celebrate later. Bihar at present has recorded 9,988 cases with 68 deaths. The number may be much smaller than compared to rest of the nation, but the virus just needs an opening and in no time entire city or a state comes under its attack. The incident is “Coronavirus Tragedy in Bihar” and a lesson for entire nation.

Coronavirus Tragedy in Bihar : Groom Dead, celebrations can wait?

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