Coronavirus Update India : 17000 Cases in a day, did Lockdown Fail in India?

Coronavirus Update India : The coronavirus paranoia is gradually increasing in the country, as no relief can be seen in the growth of the virus in the nation. The exponential growth rate is not under control and is spreading like wildfire. Nearly 17,000 cases were reported on Thursday, 26th June. The total number of coronavirus cases in the country is now around 4.73 lakhs. As many as 418 deaths were reported yesterday, taking the total count to 14,894.

The highest number of cases is in Maharashtra (1,42,900), followed by Delhi (70,390), Tamil Nadu (67,468) and then Gujarat (29,578).

On 24th of March when Prime Minister Modi announced for complete lockdown of nation, his intentions were clear, take Coronavirus head on. Initially country succeeded in containing the virus however, now when the lockdown has become Unlock, there has been an exponential rise in daily number of cases. Let us check how rest of the countries around the world performed during and after lockdown.


Spain was one of those country in Europe which was hit extremely hard by Coronavirus. The daily death and cases were skyrocketing initially. Country imposed lockdown for 98 days and on June 20th the Unlocking phase in Spain started. Here is how the COVID19 curve in Spain looks like:

Coronavirus Update India
Source: New York Times

From the above Map we can see that even before unlocking nation, Spain was able to bring the number of cases in the country. The peak was in the month of April and since then the cases declined.


After Spain it was Italy that went completely in the clutches of Coronavirus. On March 7th Italy started imposing lockdown starting first from the northern part. On June 3rd Italy unilaterally opened its border and by June 15th country entered in the third phase of unlocking. This is how the COVID19 map of Italy looks like today:

Coronavirus Update India
Source: New York Times

Now let us examine how India battled against Coronavirus. India is a country with 130 crore population, 2nd most populated country. Even the state of Uttar Pradesh has more than double the population of Italy and Spain combined. However, the cases in India as of now has reached 4,90,827 which is more than Italy and Spain but when we take the state of Uttar Pradesh we will see that the state with double the population of Italy and Spain combined and the state with minimal healthcare facilities has reported only 20,193 cases and 611 death till date. However, if we consider national tally, India may have been able to control the spread of Coronavirus initially, but now the cases are simply exploding.

Currently the country is under the first phase of unlocking and this is how the COVID19 graph in India looks like as of now.

Coronavirus Update India
Source New York Times

The coronavirus map of India indicates the increase of daily cases in India and peak is yet to come. However, one must not forget that out of total reported cases, 2,85,637 has recovered. This is much higher than the total number of active cases in the country. The recovery rate is also improving day by day, and is close to 58% now.

In light of the gruesome pandemic condition in the country, the Railway Board has cancelled all the tickets booked for trains from July 1 to August 12. Even the regular time tabled passenger services have also been cancelled up to August 12. The central team, which will be led by health ministry joint secretary Lav Agarwal will pay a visit to Telangana, Gujarat, Maharashtra between June 26 and 29 to ramp up their covid-19 crisis management.

The CBSE board exams for class 10th and 12th have also been cancelled, and the result will be given on the basis of the previous given examinations. The CTET exam has also been postponed, which was to be held on 5th July.

Coronavirus Update India : Did Lockdown Fail In India?

As per the one study by the team of scientists based in USA, India was supposed to have around 100,000 to 1.3 Million COVID19 cases by mid-May. However, nothing of it came true and India have done fairly better than most of the developed countries in the world. Yes, the cases have risen exponentially but it must be remembered that only 3 states of India have been heavily affected by COVID19. Apart from Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu rest of country is able to control the virus spread to some extent.

It can be hoped that in coming days the highly contaminated states of India will also be able to control the virus spread proving that India even with minimal health standard can out throw even the developed nations of the world.

Coronavirus Update India : 17000 Cases in a day, did Lockdown Fail in India?

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