Coronavirus Update India : How Kerala moved from Best performing to one of the Highly Affected states?

Coronavirus Update India : The first coronavirus case in India was reported in Kerala. The person was a student from Wuhan University, China. Wuhan is the epicenter of the coronavirus, from mainland China. On 30th January, India had reported its first coronavirus case. Subsequently, the second and third positive coronavirus case also was reported in India’s state of Kerala, on 2nd and 3rd February 2020. All three people were students of the Wuhan University, and had returned home. On fourth of February the state declared the coronavirus state of calamity. Until February 11th, the official word for the virus ‘Covid-19’ hadn’t even been released.

On March 28th, Kerala recorded its first death due to the coronavirus. This was a few days after the implementation of the nation-wide Lockdown in India.

By April, the state had increased its testing capacity, and had also started distribution of free ration to help its most vulnerable and distraught population some relief. By this time the number of cases reported per day were in their twenties, and every other day new deaths were being reported. By the first week of April, the number of cases declined in the state. The state reported merely a handful of cases each day. Kerala’s case count per day remained a single digit number for quite some time.

Ever since Kerala witnessed a surge in its cases, the state began preparing for the worst possible outcomes, and started contact tracing, isolating, and also set up Covid-19 care centers. Kerala is the land of quaint and beautiful landscapes, and has the best of both worlds, as it is also the country’s most literate state. Kerala proved to be an efficient caretaker of its population and successfully brought the situation under control. It wasn’t a one man’s effort that elevated the state above the disastrous events, it was a joint collaboration of multiple organizations, including the village councils, local government, municipalities, and the citizens of the state.

Coronavirus India Update
Coronavirus India Update

It wasn’t until Mid-May that the state started reporting a greater number of coronavirus cases. On May 23rd, Kerala reported as many as 62 cases, which was a steep rise in the coronavirus curve, which was earlier flattening.

Coronavirus Update India : How cases started increasing in June?

Then in June. Kerala witnessed another huge spike in the cases. On 5th of June the state reported more than a hundred positive coronavirus cases for the first time. The number of cases fluctuated for a month. Later, on July 3rd, the number of cases per day crossed the two-hundred mark for the first time.

For what took Kerala a month to see a rise in the cases by a hundred figures, it only took a week in July for the cases to go past 300. By the end of the week the figure went past four hundred, and subsequently up. Within 15 days in July, the everyday tally of positive cases went past 600 fresh cases per day. By July 22nd, the number of cases crossed a thousand.

Coronavirus Update India : How is Kerala doing now?                            

Presently, the total coronavirus tally has crossed the fifty thousand mark. The per-day case count crossed the two-thousand mark for the first time. The cases this week grew by 4.5% in the state. This exponential rise in the number of cases is frightening, and the cases have grown fourfold these past couple of Months. The state which had once managed to flatten its curve, is now in a major coronavirus case slump. Per million population, as many as 1486.1 people have been infected. Kerala has tested more than 13 lakh people. Per Million population, 37,380.6 samples have been tested. The only relief matter presently remains the low fatality rate of the state, which is 0.4%.

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