Coronavirus Update : Karnataka turning into New Coronavirus Hotspot

Coronavirus Update : Karnataka turning into New Coronavirus Hotspot
Coronavirus Update
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Coronavirus Update : Just as Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and New Delhi were on the coronavirus hitlist, a new addition has been made to it, as Karnataka has been reporting a record high surge in cases for a few days now. It must be noted that Karnataka has been one of the best performing states when it comes to controlling spread of Coronavirus. However, the momentum seems to have changed for Karnataka, the State is now struggling to control the spread of virus.

Coronavirus Update : Let us see how things have started to change in Karnataka

On June 1st, when the Unlocking phase started, the state added on 231 cases and the total number of cases reported in the state stood at 2769. In 27 days, that is from June 1st to June 27th, the state added 9154 new cases, an average of around 339 cases per day. But since 28th June to 30th June, that is in 3 days, 3319 new cases were reported, with an average of 1106 cases per day in last 3 days of June. In 1st two of July, that is in Unlock 2.0, 2774 new cases have been added with an average of around 1400 cases a day.

Coronavirus Update : Current Number of Cases in Karnataka

Karnataka reported around 1,502 cases on Thursday, 2nd of July, taking the state’s total to 18,016 cases. The number of deaths yesterday due to coronavirus were 19, taking the total to 272. The number of active cases in the state is greater than the number of recovered cases. The total number of active cases in the state stands at 9,046, and the number of recovered patients is at 8,334. The number of patients in an ICU stands at 161

At present Karnataka has conducted a total of 6,53,627 sample testing. On 2nd of June a total of just over 16,000 samples were tested in the state.

How is Bengaluru Performing?

From Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu to Gujarat, the most affected due to Coronavirus has been the urban areas and particularly the capital city. In Karnataka too the state capital Bengaluru has witnessed a record high in the number of Coronavirus cases. in the last 24 hours, around 889 cases were reported. The city alone accounts for over 6,175 cases in the state.  The number of active cases stands at 5,505. The number of deaths due to Coronavirus stands at 89 in Bengaluru. The number of active cases exceeds the number of recovered cases. With thirty more recoveries in the past 24 hours, the total number of recovered patients stands at 543 in the city.

Bangalore has had 104 deaths out of 724 completed cases. That is a death rate of 14% amongst completed cases, one of the highest in the country. Two weeks ago the city had 800 cases. This means, total cases have increased 7 times in just 2 weeks.

Not just that, the city is apparently short of beds and ICUs plus there is a huge backlog of tests. Bangalore is suddenly sounding like Delhi 3 weeks ago or Mumbai more than a month ago.

Coronavirus Update : How is state trying to battle the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic?

The situation in Karnataka is reportedly dire. The government will use the method of contact tracing to identify more Coronavirus cases in the state. To manage the situation in the state, a complete lockdown on Sundays will be implemented from July 5th. The curfew timings in the state are from 8pm-5am, and only essential services will be allowed to move about, no other traffic will be allowed to move in the state.

Recently a new viral video, which showcases the vile and brutal way the dead bodies of patients were being dumped into graves by sanitization workers made to the news. Such incidents have been reported in various parts of the state, including Yadgir and Ballari. Karnataka Chief Minister B.S Yediyurappa in a press conference expressed his horror regarding the disposal of the bodies. He promised people that the unceremonious disposal of the dead bodies will not happen again in the future by the concerned authorities.

Video Credit: Republic India

The declining trend in the number of Coronavirus cases in the country has also come to an end, as over 20k cases were reported in the country yesterday. This surge took the total tally of the number of Coronavirus infected cases in the country past 6.25 lakhs. 379 deaths were reported in the country yesterday, which took the total Coronavirus related death count to 18,213. India’s recovery rate has crossed over 60%.

For a relief, human trial of Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin virus has begun and if everything goes as per planned we can expect a launch of vaccine by 15th August. Added to it Zydus Cadila’s Coronavirus vaccine to got an approval from DCGI for human trail as it was found to be safe for human trial.

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