Maharashtra Coronavirus Update: Over 1 Lakh Active Cases in the State

Maharashtra Coronavirus Update : Maharashtra becomes the only state in India to record over 1,00,000 active cases. India’s coronavirus numbers are reaching an all time high, as the situation is not bettering. Maharashtra remains the state contributing most to the Coronavirus number of the country. The state has registered more than 2,54,427 cases till now.

On Monday, 14th July, Maharashtra reported over 7,827 cases. Out of the 2.5 lakh cases in the state, over 1.03 lakh are active and are undergoing treatment.On the bright side, the number of fatalities due to coronavirus have decreased in the state. Around 173 deaths were reported due to COVID-19 yesterday.

This is however just the reported number of cases; the total number can be much higher. The reported cases are of those who had been tested, and their results showed positive. The condition of state has deteriorated and now the celebrities of the state who have always tried to follow all the precaution measures are also being infected. Recently, Amitabh Bachchan and his family, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and their daughter Aradhaya Bachchan were reported to be Corona positive.

Maharashtra Coronavirus Update: Comparison with World

In world, India ranks 3rd in total number of Coronavirus cases reported till date. However, if Maharashtra was to be a country, it would have been 11th most affected country in terms of Coronavirus cases number. However, in terms of active cases, Maharashtra would have been the 5th most affected country in terms of active cases, that is just above Peru and below Russia.

Maharashtra Coronavirus Update

Maharashtra is densely packed, and is very flood prone, especially during the monsoon season. All of these things combined, the state is a red area for virus breeding, and its spread. Its vulnerability is on an all-time high in the country.

Mumbai accounts for over 15% of Maharashtra’s case load. The city reported 1174 cases yesterday. the total cases in Mumbai is now at 93,894. The one lakh mark in the city is not far away, and with the current growth rate, it wont take more than a week to cross it. The number of active cases is at 22,939 in the city. The number of deaths reported yesterday were 47.

India Coronavirus Update

India, on June 4th breached the one lakh case mark, and just a month later we have crossed the 9 lakh cases mark, and the total number of cases in India now stands at 9.06 lakh.

With over 28,498 cases registered yesterday, the climbing values are showing no sign of relief, and at this rate the situation of the country will be catastrophic by the end of this year.

India’s active cases have crossed the 3-lakh mark. The number of active cases is steadily increasing as the everyday a record surge is being witnessed in the country. Earlier there was a significant difference between the number of active cases, and the number of recovered cases, but ever since a spike in the number of cases has been witnessed, the number of active cases is steadily on the rise. If things do not settle down soon, India’s number of active cases might surpass the number of recovered patients. In case this were to happen, the healthcare and medical department will be heavily overburdened and the whole system will collapse.

People needs to understand the gravity of the situation and follow the government issued guidelines to protect themselves and others of the coronavirus.

Maharashtra Coronavirus Update : Over 1 Lakh Active Cases in State

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