Coronavirus Vaccine by September : Oxford’s vaccine enters last Phase

Coronavirus Vaccine by September : Oxford University’s Coronavirus vaccine is well on track and the vaccine could be available for the common public by September if everything goes well in final phase of trial. Oxford University’s Coronavirus vaccine is supported by UK government and the licensed to AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca will be supporting the production phase of the vaccine.

Coronavirus Vaccine by September : What do we know so far about the Vaccine?

The race to create a coronavirus vaccine is certainly accelerating. Oxford University began initial trials of its COVID-19 vaccine with hundreds of volunteers in April, and is now expanding them to 10,000 participants. The result of initial trials of Oxford’s vaccine is expected on Monday, 20th of July.

Researcher’s at Oxford University believes that their vaccine could provide a “double protection” against the Coronavirus. According to them, the blood samples of the volunteers revealed that the vaccine stimulated the body to produce both antibodies and “Killer T cells”.

The antibodies provides immunity against the virus while “Killer T Cell” would recognise the virus infected cells in the body and thereby kill them. Hence, the vaccine will be able to provide double protection against the Coronavirus.

After the promising result, there are reports that vaccine may be available by September. It is believed that AstraZeneca is on track to begin rolling out up to two billion doses of a coronavirus vaccine in September if ongoing trials prove successful.

Russia on other hand is plans to produce 30 billion doses of its Coronavirus vaccine next month, that is in August. Russia is expected to start the Phase III of its vaccine trail once the Phase II of trial starting of August. Russia plans to conduct Phase III of is domestically manufactured vaccine in Russia and two middle eastern countries.

India too has started human trials of two of its Coronavirus vaccine candidate. As per the reports, the vaccine trail of COVAXIN is showing promising result on the volunteers who have taken part in the trial phase.

Coronavirus Vaccine by September
Coronavirus Vaccine by September

With rising cases around the world and shrinking economy, vaccine development has become major priority of every country in the world. Around the world, researchers are developing more than 155 vaccines. Of them more than 135 vaccines are in preclinical phase, 15 are in Phase I of the testing phase. 11 are in Phase II and 4 are in Phase III of the testing phase.

Coronavirus Vaccine by September : Oxford’s vaccine enters last Phase

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