Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker : First Vaccine to be Registered on 12th August

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker : With Coronavirus cases rising exponentially the development of vaccine have become utmost important. Taking the severity of the situation in consideration many countries around the world including India are racing towards developing a vaccine for Coronavirus at the earliest. Researchers around the world are developing more than 165 vaccines against the coronavirus. Most of the vaccines are still in preclinical phase while few have reached human trials. Of all the vaccines, Russia’s Coronavirus vaccines is set to be registered on 12th August. It will be the first vaccine candidate against Novel Coronavirus to be registered.

The Russian COVID-19 vaccine candidate is being jointly developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute and the country’s Defence Ministry. The vaccine is currently undergoing final phase of human trials however, the country is set to register it before the completion of human trials. World Health Organisation have warned Russia to follow all the required norms for vaccine development and registration before registering a vaccine. Russian Health Ministry has however, issued a statement about going ahead with registration of vaccine on 12th August and starting the mass production of vaccine soon.

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker : How many vaccines are being Developed Worldwide?

Work for development of vaccine for against Coronavirus began in early January. As per the New York Times, at present there are over 165 vaccines candidates being developed around the world. 18 vaccine candidates are in Phase I of human trials, 12 in Phase II while 7 in Phase III. One vaccine developed by Chinese company CanSino Biologics have already been approved but for limited use. The Chinese vaccine is approved only for its military use.

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker
Source :New York Times

In India, SERUM institute, manufacturing partner for a Covid-19 vaccine by the Oxford University, and another one by a US-based company Novavax, has announced that it will make vaccine available at $3 or Rs 225 for low-and middle-income countries including India. SERUM institute entered in a new collaboration with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate the production of vaccine.

The Coronavirus cases in India have crossed 21 lakh mark. Everyday a new peak record is being created in India. Despite having over two months of lockdown the spread of virus is nowhere under control. Therefore, vaccine have turned out to be only hope to get the country out of this Coronavirus pandemic. Worldwide 20,026,161 cases have been reported till date. 734,020 have already lost their lives due to Coronavirus.

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