Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker : Over 136 Vaccines being Developed around the World

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker : After over 8 months of fear of Coronavirus, people around the world have started to learn to live with virus. As no vaccine has been approved for full human use, the world is still waiting anxiously for a good news to come from any part of the world.

Source : New York Times

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker : Vaccines approved for Limited Use

China and Russia have approved vaccines without waiting for the results of Phase 3 trials. Till date 3 vaccine candidates have been approved for limited use, 2 by China and one by Russia.

Coronavac vaccine developed by Chinese company Sinovac Biotech is the recent vaccine candidate that has been approved by China. Sinovac Biotech received emergency use approval for CoronaVac under a programme in China to vaccinate high-risk groups.

Russia’s Sputnik V developed by Gamaleya Research Institute was approved by Russia and was announced by President Vladimir V. Putin without completing the Phase 3 of the trials. However, Russia claims the vaccine to be safe and an important development in the field of Coronavirus vaccine development.

On June 25, China approved the use of vaccine called Ad5 developed by  CanSino Biologics. The vaccine was approved by Chinese military and is limited to the use for military purpose.

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker : Vaccines in Phase III Trials

In Phase III trials, thousands of volunteers are tested with the vaccine candidate. At present there are 9 vaccines in the Phase III trials around the world including the two vaccines approved by the China and Russia. The other important vaccines in Phase III trials are :

  1. An mRna Vaccine being developed by German company BioNTech in collaboration with Pfizer and the Chinese drug maker Fosun Pharma.
  2. The vaccine being developed by Moderna in association with National Institute Health is undergoing Phase III trials.
  3. Oxford University’s vaccine candidate being developed in association with AstraZeneca  is the ahead of all other vaccine candidates as of now.
  4. Johnson & Johnson launched Phase 1/2 trials in July and will launch a Phase 3 trial in this month, September.
  5. Novavax  the other vaccine that has completed Phase I and II trials will launch the Phase III trials in October.

At present, around the world there are 46 vaccines which are being tested for clinical trials on humans. Out of 46, 23 are in Phase I of trial phase, 14 are in Phase II and 9 are in Phase III trial phase.

In India, 3 vaccines are under human trial. Vaccine candidate of Zydus Cadila started their Phase I trials back in July and now the vaccine is in Phase II trial phase.

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker
Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker

COVAXIN being developed by Bharat Biotech is also in Phase II trails while the Oxford vaccine is also being tested on humans by the SERUM institue.

With number of vaccines being under different phases of trials, world is hopeful that sooner a vaccine suited to eradicate Coronavirus will be developed. As of now countries around the world are hopeful that by the end of 2020 or in first quarter of 2021 Coronavirus vaccine will be available for all.

Worldwide, as of now 861,884 deaths due to coronavirus have been reported while 25,933,731 cases of Coronavirus positive has been reported. USA, Brazil and India are the major contributor to world Coronavirus tally.

Source : Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker

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