Country X launches Cyberwar against Australia!!

Australian PM says Australian organisations are being attacked by a sophisticated State based actor

  • Attacks are on all types of organisations – Industrial, Political, Education,  Health, Essential Service Providers
  • Not a lot of state actors that can launch this sort of attack; not making any public attribution over identity of state based actor
  • Frequency of attacks has been increasing over many months, difficult to know motivation of attackers

Australia is in the middle of a political row with China. It was also a lead country carrying asking for an investigation into how Coronavirus spread from China. In the meanwhile –

  • China warns students over ‘risks’ of studying in Australia
  • China has warned its citizens against visiting Australia because of pandemic-related racism
  • China has also banned beef exports from Australia’s largest abattoirs and ended the trade in Australian barley with prohibitive tariffs
  • China’s sentenced Australian Karm Gilespie to death seven years after his arrest for drug trafficking two weeks ago

In the meanwhile, US Secretary of State Pompeo tweeted condolences to India

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