COVID-19 Crisis in India : 2.6 Lakhs Cases in 21 Days- Check what Government is Doing

COVID-19 Crisis in India : India’s Coronavirus cases on daily basis are creating record every day. What started with 1 case on January 30th reached just over 8000 cases on June 1st and on 26th of June we recorded over 18,000 cases, one more new daily record. 384 deaths were reported yesterday, taking the total death count to 15,685. Despite all the tall claims by the Government of respective states and the Central government, both Central and state Governments are unable to deal with growing COVID-19 Crisis in India

In last 21 days that is from 7th of June to 27th June, India recorded over 2,62,000 Coronavirus positive cases. 26 days ago, India was the seventh worst hit country, with over 1.9 lakh cases and 5,400 deaths. Present day, India is at the fourth spot in the World’s worst hit countries with over 5 lakh cases. Positive cases in India stand at 5,08,953, including 1,97,387 active cases, 2,95,881 cured/discharged/migrated and 15,685 deaths.

How is Government of Respective States Planning to Deal with this COVID-19 Crisis in India ?

The national capital, Delhi is gearing up and has started aggressively testing its residents. The state conducted the highest number of tests in a single day, which was 21,144. The testing has been increased up to 4 times. the number of containment zones will also be increased as the containment zones will be remapped after aggressive extensive testing. This will be done by 30 June. The total number of cases in the capital now stands at around 73k.

Maharashtra reported over 5,000 cases in the last 24 hours. The total number of cases in the state crossed 1.5 lakh. In Navi Mumbai, complete lockdown has been called in 10 containment zones starting from June 29th to July 5th. In Mumbai, BMC has started adopting Dharavi model to implement it in parts of Mumbai which is most affected by Coronavirus. Dharavi, was once declared Coronavirus hotspot, however, with aggressive testing and continuous effort of BMC, local organisations spread of COVID19 in Dharavi has been controlled.

 In Maharashtra, the number of tests conducted until now stands at 8,71,875.

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In Bengaluru city, legal action will be taken against those who do not wear a mask, as per the Commissioner of Police. Amid growing number of cases, there is a proposal of re-implementation of Lockdown in the city.

In West Bengal, there has been extension of the night curfew and lockdown has been extended till 31st July. The timings for the night curfew are from 10 pm to 5 am. Assam and Hyderabad too have a 12-hour night curfew imposed.

Tamil Nadu has also imposed a strict 12 -day lockdown in its capital Chennai, after a spike was noticed in the district.

The country is in a really sensitive place right now, and ever since the unlocking phase has begun, the cases are spreading like wildfire in the country. The recovery rate is increasing steadily, but the curve isn’t flattening, as everyday a new record spike is being witnessed. Proper social distancing and hygiene measures should be followed by all to help curb the spike in the number of coronavirus cases in the country. The increased number of testing and remapping of containment zones is a great step towards handling the situation in India.

COVID-19 Crisis in India

China, where the pandemic began reported 21 fresh confirmed Covid-19 cases on the Chinese mainland, which includes 17 domestically transmitted cases, and four imported ones. All the 17 domestically transmitted cases have been reported in Beijing, as per the National Health Commission in its daily report.

The total number of coronavirus cases in the world is 97 lakhs, with India at the fourth spot. The total number of deaths world wide is at 5,00,000. USA has till now reported 24,67,658 cases and 1,25,046 deaths, followed by Brazil with around (12,74,974) cases, and then Russia at (6,19,936) cases. All the international flights in and out of India has been suspended upto 15th July.

COVID-19 Crisis in India : 2.6 Lakhs Cases in 21 Days

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