COVID-19 in India : Which state is handling Coronavirus better? Kerala or Punjab?

COVID-19 in India : Kerala and Punjab, both states with relatively lesser number of registered coronavirus cases, have their cases under 50,000. The states have been doing comparatively better than others. But the cases in Punjab are somewhat on the rise. In Kerala too, the ongoing stability has been disturbed as cases are resurging in the state once again. The average growth rate of coronavirus cases in both states has increased.

Here are a few parameters on which we can see how these states are faring-

COVID-19 in India : Kerala Vs Punjab: Tests Per Million

Both the states do not have a large population. Kerala is home to 3.48 crore people, and Punjab is to 2.8 crore people.

In Kerala as many as 7,95,919 tests have been conducted. Per million population, Kerala has tested as many as 22,660 samples.

In Punjab, for every million population, 19,849 samples have been tested.

Kerala has conducted more tests, thus has more confirmed cases. Punjab has 17,063 confirmed cases as of now, and Kerala has 24,743 registered confirmed cases.

Kerala Vs Punjab: Active cases

Kerala has 10862 active cases in the state. The active case ratio is 43.9%, making the number of recoveries higher than the number of active cases. In Kerala, 13775 people have recovered of the disease, making the recovery rate 55.7%.

Most of these active cases are from Thiruvananthapuram, Malappuram, and Ernakulam.

In Punjab, the active case ratio is much lower, at 32.7%. The state has 5583 active cases as of now, most of the being from Ludhiana, Amritsar, and Patiala. In Punjab, 64.9% people have recovered of the disease. 11,075 people have been cured/discharged.

Kerala Vs Punjab: Cases Per Million

Kerala’s case per million count is much lower than India’s case per million, which is 1317.1. In Kerala, per every million people as many as 704 people have been infected with the virus.

In Punjab, the number of cases per million is much lower than Kerala’s. In Punjab, for every million people 571.6 people have been infected of the virus.

Kerala Vs Punjab: Fatality Rate

Punjab’s fatality rate is much higher than that of Kerala. In Punjab, the fatality rate is 2.4%. As many as 405 people have died of the virus. Most of these deaths have been reported from Ludhiana, Amritsar, and Jalandhar.

In Kerala, the fatality rate is just 0.3%. 82 people have died of the virus in the state. Most of these are from Thiruvananthapuram, Malappuram, and Ernakulam.

Kerala Vs Punjab: Average Growth Rate

This average growth rate is calculated on the bases of the growth in coronavirus cases in this past one week.

In Kerala the growth rate is now 4.3%. While it might not be the highest, but this does mean that the cases are increasing at a fast pace. A resurgence in the cases has been witnessed here.

In Punjab too a new spike in the coronavirus cases has been witnessed. The cases in the state this week grew by 4.3%.

Both the states which until now had been performing exceptionally well have been witnessing a surge in the cases. People tend to get careless as a declining trend emerges, but it only results to repercussions. A new surge emerges, which is exactly what is happening these days in the two states. Both the states government’s needs to make sure that people in the respective states follows all the norms as prescribed by the government in order to control the spread of virus.

Which state is handling Coronavirus better? Kerala or Punjab? – COVID-19 in India

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