COVID-19 Update India : Over 6 Lakh Cases in 21 Days of July

COVID-19 Update India : There has been a huge boom in the number of cases in the month of July. Every day of this month came a record surge in the number of coronavirus cases. July has set an all-time record by reporting around 6 lakh cases, and the month is not over yet. Not only did the number of infections go high, but the number of deaths due to the virus also shot through the roof. More than 40% of the total deaths due to the virus happened in this month.

COVID-19 Update India : How things Changed after Unlocking Phase Started?

On July 1st the total number of reported cases in country was 585,493. On 22nd July the total number of cases stands at 1,192,915. In just 21 days there has been increase of 6,07,422 cases. The average daily increase in the month of July as of today stands at 28,924 daily cases.

On 31st May when the lockdown ended, the total number of cases in country stood at 182,143 with 5,164 deaths related to Coronavirus. The cases started increasing once the country entered in the unlocking phase that is from June 1st. By 30th June the total number of cases in country was 566,840. However, in 30 days of June only 3,84,697 cases were added. In July situation is completely different. In just 21 days over 6 lakhs cases have been already added with over 11,000 death related to Coronavirus.

COVID-19 Update India

The total number of cases in the country stands at 11,55,191.

In the last 24-hours, more than 38000 cases were reported. 670 people died due to the virus yesterday.

Maharashtra, as usual, reported a record high surge of more than 8000 cases. The state reported 8,369 cases yesterday, taking Maharashtra’s coronavirus tally to 3,27,031. More than 200 people died of the disease yesterday in the state. Mumbai reported 995 positive cases. this is a slight decline from the usual trend Mumbai followed, which was over 1000 cases. Mumbai’s coronavirus tally stands at 1,03,262. Thane, at total of over 70,000 cases is nearing the one-lakh mark.

Delhi had reported lesser than 1000 cases the day before, but yesterday a slight increase was reported in the total number of infections. In the past 24-hours 1,349 cases were reported in the capital. Researchers in Delhi believe that the state is much closer to reaching herd immunity, than they had anticipated.

Tamil Nadu’s cases per day are nearing the 5000 mark, as the state yesterday reported 4,965 cases, and 75 deaths. With over 1.8 lakh total cases in the state, it is nearing the 2-lakh mark. Chennai accounts for more than 20% of the state’s caseload.

South Indian states have been witnessing a huge surge in the number of cases. In the past 24 hours, 4,944 cases have been registered in Andhra Pradesh alone.

The Health Ministry has clarified that no community spread has taken place, and it was misunderstood earlier. An officer from the Health Ministry has spoken on how the WHO cannot define community transmission in any country. He stated that community transmission occurs when you cannot trace the chain of infections.

In a new study it has been found out that coronavirus can be airborne, and the micro particles in the air have the potential to infect a person. The virus can replicate under lab conditions, and it is not necessary that the droplets only expel while talking or sneezing, it can very well so happen while talking.

Hence, even in public, while you are alone, it is pertinent to wear a mask. The virus can travel up to 2 meters, so trying to maintain adequate social distancing is also very important to stay away from the virus.

COVID-19 Update India : Over 6 Lakh Cases in 21 Days of July

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