COVID: Andhra reduces testing even as new case rate remains high

COVID: Andhra Cuts testing even as new case rate remains high

Between 1st and August 7th, Andhra carried out 410494 tests and found 66027 COVID cases, nearly 17 COVID cases per 100 tests (16.7)

Between 8th and August 14th, Andhra carried out 396215 tests and found 66125 COVID cases, about 16 COVID cases per 100 tests (16.1)

So even as new COVID cases detected have remained high, Andhra has reduced testing. Though the tests are down by just 3%, it is still problematic. During the last two weeks, Andhra Pradesh has reported average of 16 COVID cases per 100 tests. That is extremely high. For example, the national average between August 8th and August 14th is 8 COVID cases per 100 tests. Andhra should be doubling testing, not reducing it.

COVID Andhra: The Rural Cases Problem

Andhra has other issues too. Unlike other states, Andhra’s worst performing district is East Godavari. East Godavari is 70-75% rural district. It reports 65% more cases than Visakhapatnam district which is nearly 60% urban. Kurnool too is about 70% rural and has a high incidence of Corona cases. While it is unclear if bulk of the cases are coming from urban or rural areas of the district, one must note that none of the cities in these two districts exceed 6 lakhs in population. So it is strange how these districts are reporting so many cases during the sowing period (or just after)

Andhra CM Jagan a few days ago asked for Central help to upgrade Andhra’s medical infrastructure. Ironically, Niti Aayog rated Andhra number 2 after Kerala or numerous healthcare metrics late last year

COVID Andhra

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