COVID India: Increase in daily Active cases has not crossed July 31st Tally

COVID India: Increase in daily Active cases has not crossed July 31st Tally

Increase in daily active cases starting July 25th

  • July 25th: 12244
  • July 26th:16715
  • July 27th: 11486
  • July 28th: 13173
  • July 29th: 18814
  • July 30th: 16752
  • July 31st: 20165
  • August 1st: 2889
  • August 2nd: 11555
  • August 3rd: 6609
  • August 4th: -799
  • August 5th: 10123
  • August 6th: 11126
  • August 7th: 10128
  • August 8th: 12141
  • August 9th: 6627
  • August 10th: 4764
  • August 11th: 3950
  • August 12th: 8356

As it is clear from the data above, after July 31st, the highest tally was 12141 on August 8th. In fact, even before July 31st, there were days when the tally was above 12000. In other words, daily active cases growth has started to fall not just in percentage terms but also absolute numbers.

COVID India Active Cases Slowdown: Why is this happening?

This is happening mainly due to sustained pace of recoveries and a fall in new cases growth. While pace of recovery is high across all states due to better medical care and early testing, some states are seeing a fall in active cases too

  • Tamil Nadu
  • Delhi
  • Jharkhand

Some States are seeing new cases being added at the same level (not going up nor going down). Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan

In summary, the data seems to suggest that India is at the end of its peak and it is only a matter of weeks before total active cases start to fall. Good news finally!

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