Covid Karnataka and Telangana Explode

Covid Karnataka and Telangana Explode

Covid Karnataka and Telangana Explode : Like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Telangana too are experiencing very high growth of Coronavirus cases in and around capital city. Both the states have now become a worrisome factor in India’s fight against Coronavirus. Both Karnataka and Telangana now occupies the 6th and 7th position in the list the of states most affected by Coronavirus. As of 10th of July Karnataka has reported around 33,418 cases while Telangana has reported 32,224 Coronavirus positive cases.

Covid Karnataka

Why COVID Karnataka and Telangana are a huge Concern?

As of 5th July, the total number of cases in Telangana was 23,902. Since then that is as on 10th July, the total cases in Telangana stands at 32,224. In last five days Telangana has added 8322 positive cases that is with an average of over 1600 cases per day.

Covid Telangana

Now for Covid Karnataka, in last 24 hours the state has added 2313 new cases. In last five days, Karnataka has added 9944 cases that is almost 2000 cases a day. Karnataka was lauded for its effort in controlling the spread of coronavirus initially, however, the Unlocking phase have totally damaged the state when it comes to handling the spread of Coronavirus. Here is how cases increased in last five days in state :

Covid Karnataka

Both Karnataka and Telangana are showing the similar trend that was witnessed in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. High number of daily cases, high number of cases and the urban city being most affected, specially the capital city. If the trend continues, both the states may become new coronavirus hotspot in country.

The capital cities of both the state, Hyderabad and Bengaluru have shown high rise in number of cases. One the IT city and other the Silicon Valley of India have high number of migrants and both are overcrowded. If the virus is not brought under control we may experience Mumbai and Chennai in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has been accused of ignoring the questions related to Coronavirus while the Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa went into self isolation after some of the staff members at his home office ‘Krishna’ tested positive for the infection on Friday. South Indian states have been suffering badly due to Coronavirus. Tamil Nadu is the 2nd most affected state in the country while Kerala is experiencing second wave of cases. Andhra Pradesh on the other hand is also experiencing rise in cases on daily basis. The southern states are therefore, turning into coronavirus hotspot in India.

Covid Karnataka and Telangana Explode

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