Daily Coronavirus India Tracker : More than 80,000 Cases for 2nd Day

Daily Coronavirus India Tracker : On Wednesday, India reported the highest single day tally in the world. 83,883 cases were reported on Wednesday. Things did not change even on Thurday, 3rd of September. Yesterday, 83,341 cases were reported in India.

India though being the 3rd worst affected country in the world by Coronavirus is yet to see its peak. Total coronavirus positive cases in India is closing to 4 Million mark. As of now 39,36,864 cases have been reported in the country with over 3 million cases already recovered.

Maharashtra is still the major contributor to India’s corona virus tally. As of now it accounts to about 40% cases in India. On Thursday, over 18,000 cases were reported from Maharashtra which is its highest single day increase. Maharashtra till date has reported 8,43,844 cases of Corona virus. Out of 8,43,844 cases, 2,05,428 is still active. The active cases in Maharashtra alone is more than that of Russia which is the 4th most affected country after India.

Daily Coronavirus India Tracker
Maharashtra Coronavirus

Daily Coronavirus India Tracker : India’s Stats

Despite being the world’s 3rd most affected country due to coronavirus, India has the world’s highest rate of Corona virus recovery. As of now recovery rate in India stands over 76%.

Of total cases which is about 4 million now, over 3 million have already recovered. As of now, 68,589 death have taken place in India due to coronavirus. The fatality rate as of now stand below 2% in India.

India has conducted 4,66,79,145 tests till date which is 2nd highest number of tests conducted by any country in the world after USA. However, if compared as per million number of test it is the lowest among the Top 5 most affected countries due to virus. Per million sample tests in India stands at 33,767 as of now.

Daily Coronavirus India Tracker : Why the daily increase in number is worrisome?

India has been under the one of the longest lockdowns in the world. Initially there was fear of virus but now the fear seems to have weaned away. But what is most worrisome is easing of lockdown.

Government of India and of different states have decided to ease lockdown and let the economy function. With daily rise of cases, easing of lockdown may turn out to be a disaster for country. However, for a country to survive economy needs to be opened, thus, it is now depends upon common citizen how well they take precautionary measures so that the spread of virus can be checked.

Daily Coronavirus India Tracker : Most Affected States

The state most affected by Coronavirus in India is Maharashtra and it is now followed by Andhra Pradesh. Here are the top five affected states in India due to coronavirus:

  1. Maharashtra : Cases – 8,43,844 Deaths : 25,586
  2. Andhra Pradesh : Cases – 4,65,730 Deaths : 4,200
  3. Tamil Nadu : Cases – 4,45,851 Deaths : 7,608
  4. Karnataka : Cases – 3,70,206 Deaths : 6,054
  5. Uttar Pradesh : Cases – 2,47,101 Deaths : 3,691

Source : Official GOI COVID-19 Website

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