Delhi Coronavirus : How Amit Shah Saved Delhi from Being Corona Capital?

Delhi Coronavirus : Delhi was on its way to become the Corona capital of the country under the rule of AAP, but Amit Shah timely intervened to save the ship which is Delhi, from sinking under the burden of numerous healthcare and economic crises.

Delhi is the third worst hit coronavirus state in India, right after Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. In Delhi coronavirus management and disaster control under AAP government was visibly subpar. It is a bit shocking that the capital of the only country to have witnessed a major complete stringent lockdown for months at end, during the initial period of the spread of the lockdown failed to make arrangements for possible potential coronavirus patients. When until March 31, which was a week into the lockdown, India had reported just over 1400 cases, the government took no actions regarding the building of makeshift hospitals, or arranging for more beds, or basically any strong approach towards preparing for an epidemic.

Around mid-June, when Coronavirus went out of control in Delhi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah began attending and conducting meetings with Delhi CM, and other members of the Government to curb the spread of the virus in the state. Union Home Minister Amit Shah along with Lieutenant Governor of Delhi overruled CM Kejriwal’s decision and assured the public that there will be coronavirus testing for all in Delhi.

Delhi Coronavirus : Steps taken by Amit Shah

  1. Amit Shah initially made a plan of testing all in Delhi. Around 169 rapid Coronavirus testing centres are opened around Delhi so that people can get themselves tested easily.
  2. Capped the prices of COVID-19 testing.
  3. Started door to door health survey in all the containment areas of Delhi.
  4. After intervention of Amit Shah, the Delhi Government began the process of hiring nurses and other essential medical staff in mid-June, after they had been exposed for not hiring more medical staff for the proper treatment of the patients.
  5. By the order of Amit Shah CCTV cameras have been installed in all the COVID-19 wards of Delhi hospitals.
  6. A new temporary hospital has been created in Delhi, with over 1,000 beds, 250 ICU Beds for coronavirus patients. Union Home Minister Amit Shah visited the temporary hospital, which is situated near the IGI Airport. It took 12 days for building this temporary hospital.
  7. With the help of ITBP troops a 10,000 bed quarantine centre was constructed with the campus area of Radha Swami Satsang.
  8. Monitoring of each death due to Coronavirus started and also monitoring of those patients who were home isolated also started.

When Amit Shah virtually took over the charge of Delhi to fight against Coronavirus, there was lack of coordination between the different departments of Delhi corporations as well as the NCR regions. Union Home Minister Amit Shah expressed his views regarding everyone joining hands together rather than making the coronavirus crisis a political agenda. “Political differences must be forgotten and all parties must work together for the people of Delhi.” Amit Shah made sure the Delhi government, the MCD’s as well as authorities of adjoining NCR region work in coordination with each other.

Delhi has reported over 1 lakh cases till date. However, the capital city now has just over 25,000 active cases. There has been rapid increase in number of sample testing in the capital. Delhi at present has 71% recovery rate. Before Amit Shah took over charge of Delhi, around 7-8 tests were carried out on daily basis. Since mid-June the number of sample testing increased exponentially and at present around 20,000 tests are carried out in a day.

Delhi Coronavirus

Delhi Coronavirus : How Amit Shah Saved Delhi from Being Corona Capital?

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