Delhi Coronavirus Update: How Delhi Managed to Control the spread of virus?

Delhi Coronavirus Update : The realities of the coronavirus were yet to hit India when the government announced a nationwide lockdown in March. Over the next few months even with the lockdown imposed, cases in India surged and Delhi with the density of population that it has was one of the worst-hit cities. 

Delhi has over 4000 deaths and saw more than 1.5 lakhs people getting affected with the virus. But there is a silver lining amongst this grim news, the recovery rate in Delhi stands at a mind-blowing 90% and dwarfs the national average recovery rate of 73%. This has reduced the number of active cases to just over 11,000 and helped curb the spread of the virus. So let’s take a look at what measures Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP government have taken control of this pandemic.

Delhi Coronavirus Update: Steps Taken by Arvind Kejriwal and His Government

Since March, the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP government in Delhi took a slew of measures to maintain a hold of the spread of this deadly virus. One of the first steps he took was to promote the concept of home isolation. This was targeted at patients who were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms. Almost 80% of all confirmed cases were people who fell in this category. These patients were monitored by the healthcare officials and measures were taken to ensure that they or their family members don’t become spreaders.

Delhi Coronavirus  Update
Coronavirus Update Delhi

The next thing on the priority list was to treat people who could not be sent back home for isolation. In order to address this issue, Arvind Kejriwal led AAP rapidly increased the nos. of hospital beds for treatment. He made more than 2500 beds available in Delhi Government hospitals for treatment and also enlisted the help of private hospitals to help with the pandemic. As much as 8 private hospitals came forward and this helped in treating as many people as possible leading to increased recovery.

Arvind Kejriwal also conduced massive testing in the state, for a population of almost 1.9 crores, more than 13 lakhs people were tested. They tested almost 67,000 people per 10 lakh residents of Delhi. Almost 5,500 tests were conducted every day during the first week of June, this number increased and reached 21,000 tests every day by the first week of July. Delhi government realised right at the start that conducting more tests will give them more data which will help them control the spread of the virus.

Finally, one of the main things to keep in mind while handling a global pandemic is to ensure a sense of calm is maintained in the state. And Arvind Kejriwal did that brilliantly, throughout this crisis he kept a direct line of contact with the people and personally came on communication channels to explain his plan. Then be it about explaining the home isolation process, letting them know about the increased no. of beds in the hospital, the importance of plasma donation or even the simplest task of announcing curfew times, Arvind Kejriwal spoke to the people directly. This direct contact with their leader assured the people of Delhi that they’re been taken care of and protected.

These were some of the efforts taken by the Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP government to control the spread of coronavirus in the city.

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