COVID-19: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai ready to declare victory

Finally the good news is coming in, Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai are ready to declare victory against COVID.

As of Last evening, Mumbai reported 22536 active COVID-19 cases. A month ago it was 10000 active cases higher indicating a slow curve downwards. .

In Delhi, there are just 11904 active cases, a month ago it was 16000 active cases higher, indicating a faster curve downwards.

While Tamil Nadu continues to be ravaged, Chennai has just 13747 active cases. A month ago, that was about 25000. Indicating a gradual trend downwards.

One must also remember that of the three cities, Chennai was the most affected (per million people), followed by Delhi and then Mumbai. In terms of deaths, Mumbai reported 6093 deaths, Delhi 3827 deaths and chennai 2008 deaths. Overall, Delhi performed the best on this count.

Declaring Victory over COVID-19 will not return life to normal

Declaring Victory does mean Life gets back to normal overnight. All 3 cities receive millions from the surrounding towns and cities which are still suffering from high growth in cases. So it is unlikely, things will return to normal in the next 4-6 weeks. However, the big message seems to be that at some point in time, a combination of the virus finding it difficult to propagate due to immunity as well as Government authorities improving their response prevents the rapid growth of cases. It is being debated whether that number is about 20% of the population. This includes both detected and not detected cases. Delhi estimates are around 23% of the population

1 in 5 Delhi Citizens may have suffered from COVID-19

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