Elections to 19 Rajya Sabha Seats Today : Check Which Party Stands Where

Polling for 19 Rajya Sabha seats across 8 states commenced today. Polls are being held in states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya and Mizoram. Results of the polls will be declared on 19th June.

Here is how the Equation stands at present

Madhya Pradesh

Three seats from Madhya Pradesh remains vacant at present. Madhya Pradesh assembly at present has a strength of 206 members after 24 Congress MLAs resigned. BJP and Congress have fielded 2 candidates each for 3 seats.
BJP candidates are former Congress MP Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sumer Singh Solanki while Congress has fielded Digvijay Singha and Phool Singh Baraiya.

BJP is expected to win 2 while Congress may have to settle for 1 seat as 2 BSP, 1 SP and 2 Independent MLAs have decided to support BJP. Former CM Kamalnath too made a statement that Congress will win only 1 seat out of 3 from the state.


Four seats from Gujarat goes to poll today. Both BJP and Congress has fielded 3 candidates each for 4 seats. BJP is comfortably placed to win 2 seats while Congress in 1 seat, fourth seat is where there is a contest with both BJP and Congress short of numbers. Two Bhartiya Tribal Party and one NCP MLA will play a crucial role in election of fourth seat.


For 3 seats BJP and Congress have fielded 4 candidates, 2 each form BJP and Congress. Both the parties have stationed their MLAs in resort. Both party is comfortably winning 1 seat each. Contest is for the 3rd seat which Congress may win if there is no cross voting.

Andhra Pradesh

Jagan Reddy’s YSRCP is set to win all 4 seats that goes for polls today in the state. Jagan’s YSRCP enjoys a formidable strength in Andhra assembly.


In 81 seats of Jharkhand assembly, UPA has 49 seats while NDA has 31 seats. Three  candidates are in fray for two Seats to Rajya Sabha. UPA has fielded 2 while NDA has fielded 1. Shibu Soren of JMM is set to win comfortably while the fight will be for second seat.


In Meghalaya, the ruling Meghalaya Democratic Alliance has 41 seats while Congress has 19 seats. Both MDA and Congress have fielded their candidates for lone Rajya Sabha seat.


The lone Rajya Sabha seat from Mizoram is set to see contest between ruling MNF, ZPM and Congress. In 40 member Mizoram assembly, MNF has 27, ZPM has 7, Congress has 5 and BJP has 1 legislation. There is going to be triangular fight, MNF though looks comfortably placed to win however, cross voting may spoil their chance.


After resignation of 3 BJP MLAs and 6 other MLAs withdrawing support from the ruling BJP government in Manipur, the lone Rajya Sabha seat is set to be a tight contest between BJP and Congress. It must also be noted that Congress is set to move no-confidence motion against ruling N Biren Singh government in state.

At present in Rajya Sabha BJP has 75 MPs while Congress has only 39 MPs. After the election the number of both BJP and Congress is set to increase in the Upper house of Parliament. 4 seats of Karnataka was also supposed to go for polls. However the four candidates have been elected unopposed. Four candidates includes two from BJP and one each from Congress and JD(s).

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