Fauda: How Communists and Islamic Jihad work Together

Sumit Arora

Everyone who has followed the 3 seasons of the Netflix hit would know the meaning of the word Fauda — Chaos. That is the single point agenda of Commie-Jihadi joint operation everywhere in the world.

The primary goal is to cause anarchy, chaos and, most importantly, violence in democratic societies. It has always been the singular objective of both the movements — to suppress democracy through violence (they call it revolution or jihad). The idea is to latch on to any crisis, if there is none then work actively to create one and then AMPLIFY it to levels where it ultimately leads to chaos & violence and hopefully to ‘revolution’ to upstage govt and capture power.

They are cause/ movement/issue agnostic. You will see them protesting or joining protests of every kind. They will stand with environmentalists opposing new projects (which can bring jobs) and they will stand with workers protesting lack of jobs. They will stand with terror movements and call them freedom fighters and they will also light candles in peace marches. Campaigns are well funded and well organised. Social media and Internet has been very well utilized to for global mobilization and synchronization. It is amazing how ‘intellectuals’, sitting in key positions across media, educational institutions, NGOs, global organisations and even govt bodies, rise in sync with literally the same message at the same time.

A critical point note here, Commie-Jihadi combined operations against society and government is never run in non-democratic states — so you will never see them creating or amplifying issues and/or violence in Communist states or Islamic republics. So no noise against Chinese atrocities against Uyghers or against Baloch genocide by Pakistan or against Yemenis killed by Saudi Arabia. The Jihadi Maulavi will stay quiet on these, never remind their vast audience of atrocities committed, no brain washing minds to commit terrorist attacks against them, no soliciting to join ISIS.

Similarly, the Regressive Left will go deafeningly quite or skillfully deflect or whitewash any blame on creeping Jihad. The ‘not as notorious as it should have been’ case of Rotterham children sex exploitation scandal immediately comes to mind. First, the case went ‘undetected’ and ‘under-investigated’ in the Labour dominated town for nearly a decade!! Second, it was completely whitewashed by Regressive Left. Any sound investigation would have revealed this as a case of well organised and planned subjugation of ‘Kafir’ women by Jihadi men — Rape Jihad. The fact that nearly all the victims were Christian white girls while all the predators were Pakistani Muslims males and that there exists strikingly similar incidents through Jihadi history and current minority treatment in muslim societies was completely ignored. The case was whitewashed of any religious indoctrination and the blame was put on male attitudes and economic conditions.

As Pascal Bruckner says “leftist adherents of Third-Worldism hope to use Islamism as a “battering-ram” to bring about the downfall of free-market capitalism and see the sacrifice of individual rights, in particular of women’s rights, as an acceptable trade-off in service of the greater goal of destroying capitalism.” Bruckner contends that Islamists, for their part, pretend to join the left in its opposition to racism, neocolonialism and globalization as a tactical and temporary means to achieve their true goal of imposing the “totalitarian theocracy” of Islamist government.

The hypocrisy and the danger of the Commie-Jihadi network joining any movement can unfortunately be revealed only if the movement becomes successful and becomes a ‘revolution’ in which the power is captured by them. Once the power is captured all democracy, freedom of speech and natural rights are completely suppressed and demolished. All the issues which bought them power are either shrugged off and or used to systematically wipe out all dissent. The very people whose rights they claim to fight for are first used as fodder in the cycle of violence and once the victory is taken the same supporters are put into a worse state of subjugation & terror. From the Red Terror after the Russian revolution or the Mao’s Great Leap Famine or recent fall of freedom ratings in Venezuela to how Afghan fight for independence from USSR turned to Taliban and Al Qaeda terror movements or virtually no rights for women in Saudi Arabia or suppression of the Anti-Hijab movement in Iran; the history and current affairs are filled with examples of what happens when Communist or Jihadist capture power.

All genuine movements across the world need to be careful, very careful to not allow either the Communist or Jihadist to become part of the movement. The don’t stand with you, they have their own agenda, you are just the fuel they need.

Raise the red flag when you see one or when kalma is read in the movement. They will slowly creep in, first as independent individuals then as groups, they will support each other, they will help, they will work hard, sow seeds of violence, start directing the course of action, lead it, fund it — with one immediate agenda — Fauda.

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