French Presidential Election 2022 Polls: Average of Polls, Macron 24%, Le Pen 17%, Zemmour 16%

French Presidential Election 2022 Polls: Average of Polls, Macron 24%, Le Pen 17%, Zemmour 16%
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The Incumbent Emmanuel Macron is favored by the latest French Presidential Election 2022 Polls. The latest France Election Polls Show Macron to Return as President

10 April 2022 will see the citizens of France voting in the first round of the French presidential election. If none of the candidates secures a majority of votes in the first round, a run-off election between the top two candidates will be held on 24th April 2022. This year number of candidates have declared their candidature for the upcoming French Presidential, however, the incumbent President, Emmanuel Macron is yet to declare his candidature but is expected to run for the office.

French Presidential Election 2022 Latest Polls

Emmanuel Macron
Marine Le Pen
Eric Zemmour
Jean-Luc Mélenchon
Xavier Bertrand
Average Of Polls
10-17 Nov
15-17 Nov
12-15 Nov
10-11 Nov

French Presidential Election 2022 Polls: What is the Procedure for French Presidential Election? (Source: Wikipedia)

President of France holds office for 5 years. As per Article 7 of the French Constitution, two rounds of the election are held to elect the President. However, the 2nd round takes place only if none of the candidates secures an absolute majority of votes in the first round. In 2nd round names of only two candidates who received the most votes are on the ballot.

For the candidates to be listed in the first round of ballot, they must secure 500 signatures from national or local elected officials from at least 30 different departments or overseas collectivities, with no more than a tenth of these signatories from any single department.

Only those candidates who receive 500 signatures will have their name on the ballot. The Constitutional Council publishes the names of the candidates who receive 500 valid sponsorships, with the order of the list determined by drawing lots

French Presidential Election 2022 Polls: What Happened in Last Election?

The last French Presidential election was held in 2017. A total of 61 candidates declared their candidature however only 18 candidates were able to receive 500 valid sponsorship. The first round of elections was held on 23rd April. None of the candidates secured the required majority. Emmanuel Macron of En Marche! (EM) and Marine Le Pen of the National Front (FN) received the most votes and a run-up election was held on 7th May 2017.

In 2nd round, Emmanuel Macron registered a decisive victory over Marin Le Pen. He received 66.10% of votes while Marin Le Pen got only 33.90%.

French Presidential Election 2022 Polls: Candidates in Race to Replace Emmanuel Macron

As of November 2021, 28 candidates have shown their interest in running for the upcoming French Presidential election. Among the 28 candidates, a few important ones are:

Marine Le Pen – Rassemblement National

The far-right leader, Marine Le Pen was Macron’s main rival in the last election. This year too she is seen as the main rival to incumbent President Emmanuel Macron.

Her main focus to drive the French voters has been the issue of immigration and national security.

Marine Le Pen takes aim at France's 'Talibanised' zones | Financial Times

Eric Zemmour

Eric Zemmour has emerged as a potential threat to the right-wing leader Marine Le Pen. Eric Zemmour is a columnist, television pundit and author. He is yet to declare hi candidature but has shown his interest in running for the office.

He has openly blamed immigration, and the “Islamisation” and “feminization” of society for the decline of France.

French far right's new face: the meteoric rise of Éric Zemmour | France |  The Guardian

Jean-Luc Mélenchon – La France Insoumise

The left wing leader Jean-Luc Melenchon was able to win 20% of the votes in last French Presidential election. This time he has thrown weight behind social issues and the cost of living to help him secure the Presidential office.

La France Insoumise Chief and Presidential candidate for 2022 election Jean-Luc  Mélenchon visits distressed MBF Aluminium Foundry; Aluminium Extrusion,  Profiles, Price, Scrap, Recycling, Section

Anne Hidalgo – Socialist Party

Anne Hidalgo is the current Mayor of Paris. She won her second term in 2020 and after the win, she declared her candidancy for the President’s office.

She has called to rebuild the education and health systems of the nation.

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo to run for president of France | News | Al Jazeera

Yannick Jadot – Green Party

Yannick Jadot was the Green Party Presidential candidate for the year 2017. This time too he will be representing Green Party.

He has promised to pledges to put an end to intensive livestock farming and to weaken lobbies. He has even pledged to act accordingly so that climate, health, the environment and social justice finally take precedence.

French Greens Pick Most Moderate Candidate to Run for President - Bloomberg

French Presidential Election 2022 Odds and Predictions

Emmanuel Macron
Marine Le Pen
Éric Zemmour
Predicted Winner
Win Probability: 65.79%
Win Probability: 8.70%
Win Probability: 12.20%
Emmanuel Macron
Odds: 4/7
Odds: 11/1
Odds: 5/1
Emmanuel Macron

French Presidential Election 2022 Polls: Latest Videos

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