From Hydroxychloroquine to Ventilators, COVID-19 bringing India-USA Closer

The current global pandemic situation has made several world forces join hands and work together with the ultimate goal of eradicating the enemy, which is the novel coronavirus.

In a tweet posted on 16 May 2020 by Donald Trump, he said, “I am proud to announce that the United States will donate ventilators to our friends in India. We stand with India and Narendra Modi during this pandemic. We’re also cooperating on vaccine development. Together we will beat the invisible enemy!”.

This announcement of USA donating ventilators to India, made by President Donald Trump highlights the relations between the two countries, and their friendship. Trump before his announcement was quoted calling Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a good friend.

It is however unclear as to how many ventilators the United States will be sending to India. No concrete number has been mentioned yet, but President Trump made a statement to the reporters, in which he said that they have a “tremendous supply of ventilators”, and that they will be sending “quite a lot of ventilators” to India.

This is not the first the first time these two countries have formed alliances, earlier President Trump gave a statement to the reporters in the rose garden of the white house, “I just got back a short while ago from India recently and we are working very much with India and we have a tremendous Indian population in the US and many of the people that you are talking about are working on the vaccine too. Great scientist and researchers”.  

Trump also referred to PM Narendra Modi as a “great friend” on multiple accounts.

Although it cannot be ignored that a month ago President Trump hinted at a possible retaliation if India fails lift its hold on the export of Hydroxychloroquine which is the anti-malaria drug used in the treatment of coronavirus patients. After being allowed to buy 29 million doses for the United States, Trump sent his thanks.