Good News: Glenmark’s Coronavirus Treatment Drug Show Positive Result

Glenmark’s Coronavirus Treatment Drug : Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai, has reported positive results in their clinical trials for Favipiravir, a coronavirus treatment drug. The findings from the clinical trial say that the treatment drug has helped patients recover faster, in comparison with standard normal treatment for the virus.

The phase III trials for treatment drug have shown a major improvement in the condition of coronavirus patients with mild to moderate symptoms. The drug helped them recover faster. The antiviral drug provides faster viral clearance in patients.

So far no significant side-effects have been noted from taking the antiviral drug. However, a few of the patients did suffer from a few side-effects, but they were mild. The side-effects weren’t serious enough to discontinue the use of the treatment drug.

Glenmark’s Coronavirus Treatment Drug : What the result indicate?

The company released a statement which said, “Results from the Phase 3 trial showed numerical improvements for the primary efficacy endpoint with 28.6 per cent faster viral clearance in the overall population as measured by the median time until cessation of oral shedding of virus in the Favipiravir treatment arm compared to those in the control arm.”

The usage of the drug could help patients from regressing to a critical stage which results in acute respiratory issues and mortality even. 69.8% of patients in the Favipiravir treatment arm achieved clinical cure by Day 4, which in comparison to 44.9% observed in the control arm, is significantly higher.

Dr. Zarir Udwadia, a Principal investigator in the study seems positive, and deemed the results from the trials to be very encouraging. He ensured that no scientific principal was sacrificed despite having to rush the whole process due to the increasing intensity of the pandemic in India and the world.

It is hoped that the treatment drug will prevent people from regressing and developing the ARDS. The drug which sells at 75/- rupees per tablet, under the name of FabiFlu, received its manufacturing and marketing approval as announced by the company on 20th of June.

While there is no cure for the coronavirus, since it being a novel virus, and being relatively new, it is difficult to rule out all of its specifications, but researchers have been relentlessly trying to develop a drug for the treatment of those infected. The intensity of the pandemic has forced everyone to accelerate the process of a cure development. This is a once in a hundred years pandemic, and with the evolution of medical science, it is hoped that it will not last longer than the previous pandemics, and also the mortality rate will be much lower too.

Glenmark’s Coronavirus Treatment Drug : Used for treatment in Case of Other Viuses

While no particular drug has been 100% been authorized as the final treatment drug, but many have been given a green signal for emergency use. As many as 19 drugs are under development. A promising candidate remains to be Remdesivir. The FDA approved use of this drug for emergency use. Remdesivir was earlier used against a variety of viruses, such as Ebola, Hepatitis C, but not much success came. It is believed that this drug can reduce the mortality rate amongst the covid-19 infected. It has also reduced the recovery time.

Other antiviral drugs which are in the development phase include EIDD-2801, RECOMBINANT ACE-2.

In another development, Pfizer, a New York City headquartered pharmaceutical company hopes to manufacture and distribute vaccines for coronavirus by the end of the year, in the best-case scenario. Pfizer received $1.95 billion from the Trump Administration. With over 140 vaccine candidates in preclinical trials, it is hoped that by the end of this year, or by the first quarter of the next year, we may have a vaccine ready for use. As many as 27 vaccine candidates are undergoing human trials.

Another problem remains to be the manufacturing and distribution of the vaccine, considering the population of the world. It will be a tedious task to reach out the vaccine to everyone.

Good News: Glenmark’s Coronavirus Treatment Drug Show Positive Result

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