Good News : COVAXIN COVID-19 Vaccine Human Trial Showing Positive Effects

COVAXIN COVID-19 Vaccine : India’s Coronavirus vaccine COVAXIN’s human trial has begun. 1500 volunteers in 15 cities across India are included in the first phase of the vaccine trial for COVAXIN. A good news came from Haryana today.

Today PGI Rohtak began human trials of Bharat biotech and ICMR’s vaccine candidate, Covaxin. As per the Health Minister of Haryana, Anil Vij  three subjects were enrolled today and all have tolerated the vaccine very well. He shared this news via his official twitter handle. He wrote ” Human trial with Corona vaccine (COVAXIN) of Bharat Biotech started at PGI Rohtak today. Three subjects were enrolled today. All have tolerated the vaccine very well. There were no adverse efforts.”

Human trials of COVAXIN was first started in AIIMS Patna around 3 days ago. COVAXIN is developed by Bharat Biotech. Zydus Cladia had also received DCGI’s nod to conduct human trials of their Coronavirus vaccine candidate. The trials of the vaccine were started on 15th July.

The Coronavirus Cases in India has crossed the 10 lakh mark. However, India has only 3.6 lakh active cases of COVID-19 as of now. Globally, more than 13.8 million have contracted and tested positive for the virus. Till now, there is no specific cure, or approved vaccine for the novel coronavirus infection.

With the rising number of cases around the world, every country in the world is focused in developing the vaccine for the virus. China’s CanSino Biologics is the only vaccine till date which has been approved. However, the vaccine has been approved for limited use that is for Chinese military. Around the world, researchers are developing more than 155 vaccines. Of them more than 135 vaccines are in preclinical phase, 15 are in Phase I of the testing phase. 11 are in Phase II and 4 are in Phase III of the testing phase.

Good News : COVAXIN COVID-19 Vaccine Human Trial Showing Positive Effects

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