Great News: Recovery Exceeds Active Cases- Hang in there India, We will Defeat COVID19

A country of 130 crore humans, India has done far better than any other nation in controlling the spread of Coronavirus. When superpowers like USA gave up, India with its limited health facilities took up the task to defeat the Global Pandemic, Coronavirus. With over 60 days of lockdown, where 1.3 billion people were made to stay indoors, India is now experiencing the fruits of the seed that it had sown on 25th of March. Yes, India is strong, strong enough to defeat the virus that led to the collapse of health systems around the world.

On Tuesday, 9th of June, India registered a total of 10,013 cases which took the tally of total positive cases in country to 2,76,033. However, the total active cases in India on Tuesday was 1,33.603. With 5,646 recoveries yesterday the total recovery in India exceeded the number of active cases. As of 9th June the total recovery in India stood at 1,34,665. The recovery rate of India stands at 48.47%. However, the major concern of India is the daily rise in positive cases.

India is the fifth worst-hit nation by the COVID-19 pandemic after the US, Brazil, Russia and the UK. A total of 49,16,116 samples were tested in the country till now. With every passing day India is increasing the number of total sample tested. However, the country is failing to bring down the number of daily cases. The states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Gujarat has been worst performing states in the country. On Tuesday, Mumbai registered 1015 positive cases taking it tally over 51,000.

India’s recovery rate is one of the best in the world. Every Indian state is putting in all their best efforts to control the spread of Coronavirus. Since 1st of June, India entered in first phase of Unlocking. Gradually the services which remained shut for more than 2 months are opening up. Though the risk of virus spread has increased, the country  needs to move on. The vaccine for the virus is yet to be discovered therefore it becomes essential for everyone to learn to live with the virus. The fight against coronavirus will be won soon. Recently New Zealand defeated the virus and soon Taiwan will do so as it has now only 7 active cases. India, a country of 1.3 billion will defeat the virus too, however, it may take a bit longer than others.

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