Gujarat Coronavirus Districtwise Analysis : Ahmedabad most Affected

Gujarat Coronavirus : Gujarat has had more than 73,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state and if the current trend continues it won’t be long before they cross 75,000 cases in the state. Despite these nos. one thing to be noticed is the high recovery rate in Gujarat where more than 56,000 people have recovered and the active case count is a tad bit more than 14,000. Let’s take a look a closer look at some districts in Gujarat to understand the situation better.

Gujarat Coronavirus

Gujarat Coronavirus : Case Rate by District

Gujarat has conducted testing of over 10 lakh people, with the current testing numbers at 10,58,881. It also has a relatively higher number of cases per million, with 1,078 out of every million in Gujarat testing positive for the virus. The district that has reported higher number of Coronavirus cases in Gujarat are:

Ahmedabad : 28,192 cases

Surat : 15,697 cases

Vadodara : 5,831 cases

Rajkot : 2,789 Cases

Bhavnagar : 1,911 cases

As we can see the economic capital of Gujarat Ahmedabad and the cultural epicenter Surat are the two worst-hit places in Gujarat. Trade and mobility could be a major reason for the high number of cases in these regions. The high rate of infection in these two cities have to be kept in check if Gujarat has to come out of this pandemic.

Gujarat Coronavirus : Districwise Recovery

Ahmedabad : 22,816

Surat : 12,182

Vadodara : 4,494

Rajkot : 1,534

Gandhinagar : 1,482

A silver lining to the high number of cases in Ahmedabad and Surat is the high rate of recovery. The recovery rate of Gujarat stands at 77.2% which is higher than the national average of 67.98%.

Gujarat Coronavirus: Test Rate by District

One of the reasons for such low number of cases in Gujarat could be attributed to its testing. For a state with a population of more than 6.5 crores, Gujarat has tested only 10.58 Lakh people. Let’s see which districts have conducted the maximum testing.

Ahmedabad : 3,70,000
Surat : 1,70,000
Vadodara : 57,7000
Rajkot : 32,400
Bhavnagar : 30,000

As we can see, there is a huge gap between the testing numbers in the two major cities and the others. The testing in Gujarat stands at 15,586 per million. If Gujarat wants to improve the situation in the state, it has to increase testing in smaller districts.

Gujarat Coronavirus: Deaths by District

Now for the stats that is the most difficult to read, let’s take a look at the deaths caused by this deadly pandemic.

Ahmedabad : 1,640

Surat : 519

Vadodara : 102

Rajkot : 54

Gandhinagar : 45

Gujarat is doing better in the case of fatality related to coronavirus however, the state has been criticized for conducting less number of tests with respect to other states in India . Increased testing, a balanced and calculate opening of major cities and strict adherence to the coronavirus prevention standards of procedure is a must if Gujarat has to improve its condition.

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