Gurdwara In Pakistan to be Converted into Mosque

Gurdwara In Pakistan : As per NDTV, Gurdwara Shahidi Asthan, site of martyrdom of Bhai Taru Singh ji at Naulakha Bazaar in Lahore, Pakistan has been claimed as the place of Masjid Shahid Ganj. There are attempts to convert the Gurdwara into a Mosque by Pakistan.

India has logded a strong protest with Pakistan High Commission in India over the report of Gurdwara being converted into mosque. Chief Minister of Punjab Capt Amrinder Singh condemned the attempts of to convert holy Gurdwara Sri Shahidi Asthan in Lahore in a mosque.

Recently an Islamic country Tukey converted a Christian museum Hagia Sophia in a mosque. The move of Turkey was welcomed by Pakistan.

More news regarding the conversion of Gurdwara into mosque in Pakistan is awaited.

Gurdwara In Pakistan to be Converted into Mosque

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