Has Rajasthan lost control of COVID-19 cases again?

Rajasthan added 2000 cases in the last one week. Its cases have doubled in the last one 2 weeks. Rajasthan’s active cases date-wise was as follows

1st April: 117 Cases

22nd April: 1517 Cases

10th April: 1465 Cases

24th April: 3027 Cases

As one can see, there was a huge surge between 1st and 22nd of April. And then for 18 days, it remained Steady. Over the last two weeks, active cases have more than doubled.

The Rajasthan Government claims it is due to the surge in Migrants over the last 2 weeks. However, only 23 Trains had been requisitioned as of 16th. To hit the Rajasthan Minister’s target of 8-10 lakh migrants, a total of nearly 600 trains must operate. There is no evidence of that many trains arriving into Rajasthan. So it is difficult to validate these claims.

Whatever the reason, the picture will get clearer over the next one week. Should the cases keep rising, Rajasthan could soon be in trouble.

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