Have Humans Lost Humanity?

The country has been left besieged as an extremely cruel crime had been committed against a wild pregnant elephant in Kerala. The heinous act has left many questioning the entire premise of humanity, as it stooped to a newer low.

On June 2, a pregnant wild elephant who was wandering around in search of food was offered a cracker filled pineapple by the locals of Malappuram. This inhuman act has been condemned by many, including Ratan Tata himself. Many have taken to social media platforms to express their despair and outrage regarding the incident.

 During a worldwide pandemic crisis, humanity has no other option but to stick together and help each other go through these tough times, but such incidents provoke one to think about the inexistence of humanity altogether. Such cruelty and condemnable behavior against animals are not new to humans, as we have witnessed many crimes against animals happening throughout the years. But the level these heinous acts have sunk down to, are extremely dystopic, and nowhere the vicinity of an ideal humanitarian world we try to build.

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The authorities are investigating the matter further. It has been reported that another elephant was found dead having severe injuries in its mouth, and a broken jaw. The police are looking for evidence regarding the possibility of the animal having died due to the same cause, that is after eating a cracker laden fruit.

The images of the dead elephant have been floating on many social media sites and there is a mounting body of posts which express their strong disapproval of the crime that was committed. Deliberately inflicting pain on an innocent pregnant animal who is meandering for food is not only condemnable, but also a very serious punishable offense.