Help Me !!! Coronavirus and the People’s call for Help on Social Media

Coronavirus has touched the lives of every citizen of India and around the world. As the number of cases pile up and hospital capacity is stretched, people are desperately doing everything to get connected to the concerned authority for help. Social media, particularly Twitter, has been the one of the biggest platforms used by people for seeking help.

Rohit Garg’s Father, an asthmatic, developed severe COVID symptoms. Rohit tweeted for help and his tweet received a quick response from the concerned authority who promised to help him.

Mukul Saxena from Delhi desperately sought help for his senior citizen mother who was unwell with fever and COVID symptoms.He tagged everyone including the Delhi CM so that his request reaches the concerned authority. Finally on 6th of June, he tweeted that he managed to get his ailing mother admitted to Apollo hospital.

Amit Tuli requested help from BJP leader Tajinder Bagga. Interestingly, five members of his family had shown severe  COVID19 symptoms. He was lucky enough to get a quick help from Mr Bagga.

However, everyone didn’t seem to be as lucky as Amit. Kunal Purohit from Mumbai lost his uncle. He mentions that he tried getting a bed in various hospitals for his uncle. He tried his luck for hours without success. He soon lost his uncle. In a series of tweets he highlighted the collapse of health infrastructure in Mumbai.

Anbu Raja from Kerala has been suffering from Bronchitis and also has a chest pain and is very much vulnerable to COVID-19 infection. To add to his misery he lost his job in Dubai and wants to return back home and get himself treated. His voice or tweet is yet to be heard or responded.

Amarpreet was also one who paid the price of poor health infrastructure. At around 10 AM on 2nd June she tweeted to Delhi’s Chief Minister for help. She was looking for a bed for her father who was Corona positive. At 8AM on 4th  June she was with her father outside LNJP hospital in Delhi. However, the hospital refused to admit her father. At around 10 AM her father lost his fight against Coronavirus.

People even took to twitter to report about the breaking of Quarantine protocols. Shreya from Kolkata reported to the concerned authority that two people in their locality who have been tested Corona positive are roaming freely breaking the Quarantine protocols.

There are several such instances where people took to social media to get themselves or their relatives help from the concerned authority. Few received help and some did not. COVID-19 has turned out to be the one of the biggest nightmares for humans. From a newborn child to senior citizen, the virus spared none. The fight is far from the end. We as human are facing the wrath of our own deeds. Taking care of ourselves and being alert is the only solution to fight against this pandemic.

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