India’s Foreign Policy towards Pakistan to Stop Terrorism? – Prediction

India’s Foreign Policy towards Pakistan to Stop Terrorism? – Prediction

India’s Foreign Policy with Pakistan : In 2014, when Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister for the first time, he like other Prime Ministers wanted to solve the Kashmir issue peacefully. In his oath taking ceremony he invited the then Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.  Later he made a surprise visit to Lahore on his way to India from Kabul. In return he got an attack on Pathankot air base and later Uri happened.

Failure of Peace Gesture

When Atal Bihari Vajpayee became the Prime Minister, he in order to improve the relation with Pakistan, went to Lahore by bus and also visited Minar E Pakistan. As a return gift, Kargil happened. Pakistan has never left any option rather than shutting the dialoque route. Pakistan army, the ISI and even the elected government have never shown their interest in improving relation with India. Narendra Modi too tried to improve the relation with Pakistan, however in return Pakistan have always backstabbed India.

Pakistan has always been an important part of Indian politics. Its importance grew after Narendra Modi took over the power in 2014. Once in office, Modi invited the Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif to his swearing in ceremony. Message was clear, Modi was believer of talks despite Islamabad’s support to terror outfits. In the year 2015, Modi made a surprise visit to Pakistan to attend the wedding of Nawaz Sharif’s granddaughter. He became the first Prime Minister to visit Pakistan in more than a decade. However, a week after Modi’s visit to Pakistan Indian air force base in Pathankot was attacked by Pakistan sponsored terrorists.

Backstabbing on Pathankot

Making a bold move, Modi allowed investigative team from Pakistan to enter Pathankot. The result was that after reaching their home, the investigative team claimed that the Pathankot attack was done by India itself. The relationship became sour when in September 2018, militants attacked Indian army brigade in URI. Seventeen of our soldiers got martyred. In response, Indian army crossed the Line of Control and conducted a surgical strike. Since then the relationship between India and Pakistan have become worst.

Pulwama Attack

In February 2019, over 40 CRPF jawans were killed in a car bomb attack in Pulwama, Kashmir. In response, after 12 days, Indian air force crossed into Pakistan and attacked the training camps of Jaish-E-Mohammed, the militant outfit who took the responsibility of the attack. Since then India have abandoned all the dialogues with Pakistan. Modi has made it clear that there will be no talks unless Pakistan acts on its terrorists, and stop sponsoring its Kashmiri Puppets like Hurriyat, Hizbul, etc. He made all attempts earlier, but there should be both side motivation for the same, which was definitely missing from the other side.

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Change of Policy

After Lok Sabha 2019, Narendra Modi took over the office of Prime Minister once again. However, this time in his swearing in ceremony he invited all the neighbouring countries, the members of BIMSTEC. However, the Prime Minister of Pakistan was excluded from the list of invitees. Modi made it clear, that he and his government will have no talks with Pakistan unless they act upon terrorist outfits thriving in its soil.

In recent event, Modi is attending the SCO summit meeting in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan. Since Pulwama attack, Pakistan has closed its airspace for Indian flights. However, in order to improve the relation and open the path for dialoque with India, Pakistan granted permission for special aircraft of PM Modi to use its space. However, Prime Minister Modi chose not to fly through closed airspace of Pakistan instead he took a long route through Oman. The message was clear, India will no more accept any friendship gesture of Pakistan unless it takes action against the terrorist outfits.

Respecting People’s Mandate

Clearly, Narendra Modi understands the mood of the nation. He is answerable to every voter. He and his government are nowhere in mood of early forgiveness. Despite repeated offer by the Pakistan’s Prime Minister of resuming talk, Prime Minister Modi has made it clear, no dialogue unless action is taken against the elements that tend to harm the integrity of India.  Added to it, since Modi took over the power in India, Pakistan have been reeling under international pressure. Due to India’s effort, the international funding of Pakistan has stopped. It’s economy is dying and the country has now considered to reduce the defence expenditure in order to meet the basic needs of the nation. It must be noted that the Modi government is also working to have Pakistan black listed in the FATF list. Currently Pakistan is grey listed and if India is successful then it means shutting of doors to all international finance.

How Modi’s Rock Fist Policy Against Pakistan will Help India?

Isolating Pakistan internationally is not the only motive of India. India’s policy towards Pakistan will pressurize the country to stop the cross border terrorism in India. India’s policy will also weaken the Pakistan financially. Instead of funding the terrorist organisation, Pakistan may look forward to meet its basic needs first. The international pressure may also lead to downgrading the influence of Army and ISI in the governance. Instead country may chose to function completely under the leadership of electorally chosen government.

The peace between India and Pakistan benefits not only the two nations but also the region. However, India’s Foreign Policy with Pakistan is loud and clear. If peace is to be restored, Pakistan needs to act against the elements killing humanity. After withdrawing the status of Most Favoured Nation and also cutting the trade ties, Modi made it clear, nothing before terrorism is addressed by Pakistan. Thus, it can be said that Modi’s policy towards Pakistan is no more a policy of love and compassion. India will have peace with Pakistan on its term and not on the terms of Pakistan.

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Title: India’s Foreign Policy with Pakistan to Stop Terrorism? – Prediction

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