Shocker: The Two Telugu States Top in Adult Illiteracy

A new Study (Annual PLFS report 2018-19) by the Government of India has found that the Two Telugu States have done very poorly on Illiteracy amongst those aged 15 years and above

In Andhra Pradesh, 34.4% people above the age of 15 cannot read or write

In Telangana, 32.6% people above the age of 15 cannot read or write

AP is the 2nd worst State on 15+ illiteracy (after Bihar) and Telangana 5th worst.

The most bizarre thing is that Telangana is also in the Top-5 of Graduate+Post Graduates, Only Delhi is higher amongst the Poor States. This can be explained by the excess emphasis on Middle School and College education by the Telangana Government.

TSWREIS to hold sports summer camps for students

In Andhra, the Government is moving ahead with imparting English in Government schools. Neither of the Governments has an aggressive plan to reduce adult illiteracy in the State. The Jagan Reddy Government increased the education budget by a meagre 3.8% in the first year of it being in power.

So while the two Telugu States may have economically done well over the last 20 years, illiteracy may have been big negative factor in pulling down this growth.

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