India China Clash: India lost 20 while China lost 43

The India China Clash at the Galwan river valley has led to the death of 20 Indian soldiers. According to ANI, the Chinese suffered from 43 casualties during their face-off with India. This number includes the dead and critically injured Chinese troops. This is however speculated as China remains silent on their number of casualties. But what can be expected from China which has hidden the number COVID-19 numbers from the world. It has also been reported that there is an increase in the Chopper activity around the LAC where the face off occurred, as China is airlifting their casualties.

The Galwan Valley provides direct access to China to the Chinese captured in Aksai Chin. India has been building a bridge very close to the LAC, which was being condemned by the Chinese, as they believe India is attempting to recapture Aksai Chin.

Reasons for recent India China Clash 

Tensions arose due to the lack of a definitive line which demarcates Indian and Chinese territory. Both the countries are of different views as to what area is in which country. But this is the first time in many decades that a face-off of this kind has resulted.

China has put blame on India for conducting illegal activities in their territory, trespassing, and launching attack on the Chinese troops. According to China foreign ministry, India is indulging in illegal activities in Chinese territory, and has been trying to provoke the Chinese troops by attacking them. The Chinese foreign ministry has warned India to not to attack their troops and take control of their frontline troops.

As of Tuesday, only three casualties were reported by India, which included one officer and two soldiers. Later that evening the reports were revised and it said that 20 casualties are there, including soldiers that were critically injured or killed.

Even during disastrous times of COVID-19 pandemic, economic crisis and growing tensions at the border, the political game has not yet left the country. Congress is bashing BJP government for no revealing the correct reports on LAC faceoff while the supporters of BJP government deemed Congress to be anti-national. Randeep Surjewala a senior Congress leader as well as Congress spokesperson wants the government to share their strategy, plans regarding the border situation. He has also expressed that the country should be made aware of the actual incident that happened at the border.

World-wide, many have expressed their concern over the India China Clash. British High Commission official believes that the two countries should engage in dialogues, rather than engaging in a tussle at the border, which will only lead to graver times and heightened conflicts. US too is  closely monitoring the India-China situation and hope for a peaceful resolution between the two countries.

Previous India China Clashes
Previous India China Clashes

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