India China Conflict : Is China Preparing for War?

India China Conflict : Since Galwan, India and China have been trying to diffuse the tension. Both the countries have held continuous military level talks. On 23rd June it was reported that after the 11 hours of talks between the commanders of two nations, Indian and Chinese military commanders reached a mutual consensus to disengage from all areas of conflict along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). However, can we trust China? Can we trust the country that back stabbed our Army on 15th June even after there was a consensus of mutual disengagement between the armies of India and China? Or can this be China’s tactics to buy time to move their military support along LAC?

Let us see some facts that suggests China is literally not interested in peace and is rather preparing for war!

How Things Changed after 15th June’s India China Conflict?

A twitter account with handle name @detresfa shared an image of Galwan region created by Maxar. Maxar combines Space Infrastructure and Earth Intelligence capabilities to bring innovative solutions to commercial and government missions. The image shows the Galwan Faceoff point on 22nd June and shows the possible defensive positions set up by China in the area.

The image shows that Pangong Tso lake has been fortified and small walls are being build by Chinese military.

Let us now check from other perspective shared by a Twitter user Abhijit Iyer. According to him  there has been a  massive Chinese build-up in Ladakh. 32 Sukhoi Jets (Ngari & Hotan) and 10,000 troops have been mobilised in 5-20 kms from the LAC. Everything happened post15th June. The movement took place from Lhasa & Xinjiang province of China. There has been no build-up across Sikkim or Arunachal.

On Tuesday, 23rd of June, there was meeting between India’s Foreign Minister and his Chinese counterpart in Russia. The meeting was hosted by the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov. India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is also in Russia. He is there to attend the trilateral meeting between the defence ministers of India, China and Russia. However, there are news that Rajnath Singh will not be meeting his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe.

Why there are chances of India China Conflict? China is known for breaking trust. Since the COVID-19 crisis there are reports of internal pressure building up against the current Chinese rulers. Moreover, the world including USA and European Union are in no mood to forgive China for keeping the world in darkness regarding Coronavirus initially. Therefore, in order to divert attention of Chinese public and to create a sense of support for its government, Chinese Communist Party is using its military to provoke every nation that shares a boundary with it.

Not just India, China has been continuously provoking Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and Australia. There are reports that China have even captured lands of its new ally Nepal recently. Therefore, to completely deny that there will be no war will be a mistake because Chinese ruler Xi Jinping is hell bent to make sure his grip over power remains firm.

There are reports that after the military talks, India and China will now be opening diplomatic channels to calm the situation. China has tested what Indian army can do if they cross the limit. India lost 20 of its brave men, but made sure that Chinese suffer the most. China is yet to declare the number of casualties during 15th June clash. But what can we expect from a country which does not value the sacrifice of their soldiers. India is prepared to deal with any misadventure that China may commit. However, whether all of this will lead to India China Conflict, it is for the time to decide.

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India China Conflict : Is China Preparing for War?

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