India Coronavirus : Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Thane, Pune new Urban Hotspots

India Coronavirus : With crossing over a million cases in the country, India is the world’s third worst hit country. With the current growth trend, people have predicted India crossing Brazil by registering more cases is not far away.

There are certain cities in India which have a tremendous case load, and a battered healthcare system.

India Coronavirus : Rise of Urban Hotspots

Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad are a few cities who have a larger share of coronavirus cases.

Pune, Thane and Mumbai are cities in Maharashtra, the state with the maximum number of cases. Mumbai has been an urban hotspot for quite some time now, but recent developments prove that Pune and Thane is not left far behind. Thane has so far registered 71,345 cases and Pune with 49,037 cases has a growth rate of 4.5%.

Maharashtra reported around 8,308 cases yesterday, out of which more than 1874 cases were from Thane and 2269 cases were from Pune. Mumbai has been ahead Pune and Thane, however, Mumbai has managed to slightly reduce the number of infections per day. Mumbai has been reporting 400-500 lesser cases than Pune and Thane in recent days.

India Coronavirus Cases
India Coronavirus Cases

The BMC will now help the PMC in controlling the state epidemic.

Despite Maharashtra being the state with the worst caseload, the city with the highest daily growth rate lies in India’s southern state of Karnataka. Bangalore has a daily growth rate of about 12.9%, which is the highest in India. The number of cases in the state are percolating, and at an all time high.

To control the situation in Bangalore the government had implemented a lockdown, starting from July 15th, but there has been no relief in the city’s coronavirus positivity rate. The government has ruled out the possibility of any future lockdown. The government has made it clear that a lockdown will not help control Covid-19. The state of Karnataka has over 51,422 cases, and more than 1000 deaths. More than 2300 cases were reported in the last 24-hours in the state.

Another south Indian state to have reported a high number of coronavirus cases is Chennai. The capital of Tamil Nadu had registered more than 1243 cases in the past 24-hours. Tamil Nadu is amongst the worst hit states in the country with more than 1 lakh cases. However, Chennai seems to have been recovering in last few days while the other urban city in South India, Hyderabad is gradually turning into a COVID-19 hotspot. In last four weeks, there has been 7.8% rise in average number of daily cases. In fact after Bengaluru, Hyderabad is the city with highest growth rate in last few weeks.

It has been noticed that urban cities have reported a huge surge in the number of coronavirus cases in India. This could be due to the high population density of urban cities, huge migrant population, set up industries and plants, and more movement within the state. These urban hotspots comprise of the working population, and that is why there is an increased commotion in these areas. This makes these areas an easy target. It is much easier to spread the virus in these areas as there is increased movement.

India being the third worst hit country world-wide has over 10,38,716 cases.

India Coronavirus : Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Thane, Pune new Urban Hotspots

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