India Coronavirus Cases : Latest Districts data of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

India Coronavirus Cases : Latest Districts data of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
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India Coronavirus Cases : Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the two southern Indian states struck with a plethora of coronavirus infections and have retained their positions in the top 4 coronavirus worst affected states in India. Tamil Nadu is the only state after Maharashtra to have crossed the 2-lakh mark. Karnataka however has reported cases just a little short of 1.5 lakh. But in Karnataka’s cases are growing at a faster pace.

India Coronavirus Cases : Highest Affected Districts in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu have reported a total of 2,68,285 coronavirus cases till date. In Tamil Nadu 10 districts have reported cases over 2000 till date. Of 38 districts 28 have reported over 2000 cases in Tamil Nadu. Five districts of Chennai, Chengalpattu, Thiruvallur, Madurai and Kancheepuram together has reported over 1.5 lakh cases. Chennai is the most affected district in Tamil Nadu till date. Chennai has alone reported 1,04,027 cases till date followed by Chengalpattu which has reported 15,917 cases. Thiruvallur has contributed 15,096 cases. Madurai has reported 11,487 cases and Kancheepuram 10,303 till date.

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India Coronavirus Cases : Highest Affected Districts in Karnataka

Karnataka which has reported 1,45,830 cases till date is the 4th most affected state in the country. Out of 30 districts, 20 districts have reported cases over 2000 in the state. Bengaluru Urban has alone reported 63,033 cases. Ballari has reported 7,638, Dakshina Kannada has reported 6,388, Kalaburagi has reported 6,222 and Mysuru 5,854 cases till date respectively. Rest of the 15 districts of 20 districts where over 2000 cases have been reported has less than 5000 cases. The districts of Udupi and Dharwad have reported over 4500 cases and are nearing 5000 mark.

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Both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are reporting very high number of cases. Let us see which state among them is performing better. Here are a few parameters by which we can access the situation in both the states-

Tamil Nadu vs Karnataka: Tests Per Million

Tamil Nadu has conducted the maximum number of tests in the country.

The state has conducted more than 28.92 lakh tests. Per million, Tamil Nadu has conducted over 38211.2 tests. Karnataka on the other hand has conducted around 14,89,016 tests in the state. Per million, the state has tested 22630.1 samples.

Tamil Nadu vs Karnataka: Cases Per Million

Tamil Nadu has a population of over 7.5 crores, and till date has reported 268,285 cases. Per million, the state has reported 3544.5 cases, which is double than India’s case per million count of 1433.5. Karnataka has a population of 6.5 crores, and has reported around 145,830 cases. Per million, Karnataka has 2216.3 cases.

Tamil Nadu vs Karnataka: Active Cases

In Tamil Nadu there are 55,152 active cases, and over 2,08,784 people have recovered of the virus in the state.

In Karnataka, there are 73845 active cases (50.6%), and 69,272 (47.5%) people have recovered from the virus.

Tamil Nadu vs Karnataka: Mortality Rate

The mortality rate in both the states are almost same, both below 2%.

In Tamil Nadu, 4349 people have died of the virus, taking the mortality rate to 1.6%.

In Karnataka the mortality rate is a bit higher, at 1.9%, and as many as 2704 people have died of the virus in the state.

India Coronavirus Cases : District Summary for the two States

Both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have reported a high number of cases in the the India Coronavirus cases tally. However, it seems that the lower amount of testing done in Karnataka is keeping it behind Tamil Nadu, which has conducted more tests. The test per million count and recovery rate of Tamil Nadu are much lower than Karnataka, while the mortality rate and active case ratio of Karnataka are higher.

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