Indian Fantasy Gamers place Trump ahead of Biden!

Indian Fantasy Gamers place Trump ahead of Biden!

Our US Presidential election Fantasy Game is nearly a week old and gamers are giving an edge to the President.

@realDonaldTrump is Valued at 45 (Across 4 Cards)
@JoeBiden is at 38 (Across 4 Cards)

This is of course contrary all opinion polls and prediction markets because value tends to depend on who is delivering steady bonuses

Bonuses are determined from Google Trends Performance, Opinion Polls and social media engagement. Trump saw a huge surge during the recent event at Tusla, Oklahoma. He also did well in a North Carolina Poll released recently. But it is not that Biden is way behind. Gamers first valued him at 30 but this has gone up now to 38. However, his engagement still trails Trump

India Fantasy Gamers place Trump ahead of Biden!

This is CrowdWisdom360’s 11th International election. We have done extremely well in Prediction Games covering Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Israel (Twice), United Kingdom, US Congress, Ukraine, Hongkong and Canada. Indians have done a very good job forecasting International elections.

Trump vs Biden is getting Hotter by the Day

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