India takes over WHO’s leadership, will it Recognise Taiwan?

On 22nd May, India will be taking over Chairperson’s position at WHO’s executive board. India will be replacing Japan after WHO’s South Asia group unanimously proposed India to the executive board. India will be taking over the leadership of WHO at a time when world is going through the most critical phase of COVID-19 and it is going to remain as helm of leadership for about 3 years. 

Since February 2020, the entire world has been forced to undergo lockdown due to Coronavirus which originated from China’s Wuhan city. It must be noted that both China and World Health Organisation have been blamed for hiding the reports about the virus when it was in its initial phases.

For New Delhi taking over power of WHO executive board at this point of time will be the most challenging one. India’s closest allies at present, USA and Australia, have been pressing to held China accountable for the COVID-19 spread. Moreover, US President Donald Trump has openly blamed both China and WHO for the spread of virus in entire world. USA went one step ahead and stopped aid to WHO. On the other hand, Australia has been demanding an independent inquiry against China for the spread of Coronavirus. It must be noted that India has joined the 62-nation coalition supporting Australia and EU demand for inquiry into the Coronavirus.

India will face pressure from every corner once it assumes power at World Health Organisation. India has always been blamed for its reluctance to take sides especially against China. In recent times China has started increases its activity on borders to pressurise India. Not only this, the Chinese media have started advocating independence of Sikkim and marking Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh as part of China. India’s response at WHO once it takes over power will define the future of India because its closest allies USA, Australia many EU nations wants to drag China to a probe for its inaction against the spread of virus initially. At the same time, India taking any action against China will not silence Beijing.

Issue of Taiwan will be the most critical one for India. It is believed that World Health Organisation ignored the warning of Coronavirus that Taiwan gave it late last year. It must be noted that Taiwan is not considered to be a part of WHO and China considers Taiwan to be a renegade province. During the pandemic, Taiwan was quick to supply medical equipment to India. Taiwan wants to be a part of World Health Organisation and wants India to support it. Recently President Donald Trump also signed a legislation supporting Taiwan. New Delhi’s action related to Taiwan will decide its relation with China.

Taking over as chairperson of World Health Organisation, India is expected to play a very crucial role at the time when world is fighting against a common enemy originating from China. World is hopeful that India will start asking questions as to why the WHO, particularly its chief, Dr. Tedros buy China’s initial feedback on human transmission. The World also expects that India will question WHO on why it is taking such a long time to investigate the facts about the COVID-19 numbers that China wants world to believe. Taking over as Chairperson of executive body will have an impact on India’s Foreign Policy. New Delhi’s action will either make history or may lead to its isolation. World awaits to see if India will continue to remain a reluctant rival of China