India vs China in Ladakh: Chinese withdrawal only solution

Talks have begun at the Indian Border Point Meeting hut in Chushul-Moldo between senior Military leadership of China and India during the last few minutes. It needs to be seen if the Chinese senior leadership would continue with the brinkmanship.

The Indian Mindset has always been to maintain peace and not entangling with other countries unless threatened. The Chinese on the other hand have been actively undermining India whether it is through Pakistan or intrusions at the border. China has also indirectly supported Pakistan based terrorist groups. India on the other hand has rarely undermined China anywhere. Which is why, here is why Chinese Withdrawal is the only solution

  1. Sustained Chinese presence will completely wreck Chinese reputation in the Indian market hurting Chinese businesses and investments
  2. Sustained Chinese presence will provoke India to actively carry out intrusions of its own in the future
  3. Sustained Chinese presence will provoke India into actively undermining China in various international forums particularly with respect to Chinese border issues with other countries
  4. Sustained Chinese presence will provoke India into actively collaborating with America and other western countries to undermine China

Instead of looking at India as a rival, China should look at India as its closest ally in building a prosperous Asia and World. Contrary to what many think, Indians and Chinese have far more similar cultural factors and collaborating and working together will produce miracles. Chinese investors have already recognised this and are heavily invested in India. It is time for the Chinese Government to move away from 20th century Geopolitics when it comes to India and look at collaboration and cooperation as the way forward

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