Is China Using Jackie Chan to Influence its Ties With India?

Is China Using Jackie Chan to Influence its Ties With India?

Amid the growing discontent against China around the world, the country is trying to use the Hollywood actor Jackie Chan to spread the message of love and compassion. Recently in a video, Jackie Chan was seen wishing Indians love and support. The video was share by Sun Weidong, Chinese ambassador to India.

In his tweet the Chinese ambassador wrote, “Glad to share Jackie Chan @EyeofJackieChan, famous Chinese movie star’s good wishes and support to India. Jia You Yindu! Come on India! Fight. In the video Jackie Chan talked about the difficult time everyone of us are going though and he asked everyone to remain positive. He ended his video with a namaste and with a belief of bright future.

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The video which has registered around 13K views did not go well with the Indians. Many Indians termed it to be Chinese Propaganda. Many expressed their love for the actor however they termed the video to be a mere eyewash and an old Chinese strategy.

It must be noted that on 23rd May India will be taking over as the head of executive board of World Health Organisation. WHO has been accused of favouring China and is being held equally responsible for the spread of pandemic, Coronavirus. US President Donald Trump too threatened WHO to permanently stop its funding and also threatened to cut all ties with China. Recently, more than 100 countries including India came together in demanding a probe against China with respect to Coronavirus. After pressure from every corner China accepted the probe to be conducted against it.

China has never been considered a trustworthy partner by any country. In recent days China has tried to increase its influence over Line of Actual Control. Its state media went a step ahead and included both Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh in its map. Therefore, this move of China is considered to be just an eyewash and no Indian would want to fall for the propaganda. Jackie Chan has a huge fan base in India but using him to spread the message of love may not be accepted by Indians as everyone knows how China is acting along the LAC and trying to interfere in the local politics of Nepal to counter India.

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