Is it the End of Road for Hong Kong?

Is it the End of Road for Hong Kong?
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Hong-Kong’s autonomy is on the verge of being snatched away. The Chinese central government wants to hold control over Hongkong and is proposing to impose new national security laws on the Chinese special administrative region. If this proposal is accepted, then Hongkong will ultimately lose its autonomy, and there will no longer be two systems of administration in the country.


Last year, pro-democracy protests in Hong-Kong were acts of overthrowing the communist government’s legislation. China wants to establish a strong hold over Hong Kong and eradicate any possibility of subversion and pro-democracy slogans.

If China remains successful in imposing the new national security laws, it would be able to control any protest and anti-national sentiment that might arise in Hongkong. China will be able to prevent and punish any such incident, as it will gain full authority over the matters, and there will no longer be two systems of administration. Pro-democracy legislator Helena Wong gave a statement in which she said: “Even the SAR [special administrative region] government will not be able to regulate what the agents do in Hong Kong.” 

It Is however doubtful whether civil rights including freedom of speech would be taken away from the citizens or not. Anti-government sentiment, however, will be intolerant.

Before 1997, Hong Kong was a British colony, however, when British left Hong Kong they returned the entire area to China. Since then Hong Kong has been maintaining an administrative set up of one Country two Set Ups. Hong Kong maintains a highly capitalist economy characterised by low taxation and free trade. When Britain return Hong Kong to China in 1997, a deal was made that Hong Kong was to be allowed to maintain its economic and political systems for 50 years after the transfer. However, due to the growing demand of independence and day to day protest, the Chinese government are hell bent to end the deal and annex entire Hong Kong to mainland.

The autonomous functioning of Hong Kong, which granted it many liberties had helped the British Colony to prosper and develop. It will be interesting to notice what changes the new national security laws might bring in to Hong Kong and how it will affect its functioning. These tight laws are being proposed by mainland china to protect itself from potential threats it might be subjected to as a sovereign and protect the communist party from any other protest or violent anti-national movements. 

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