Is Modi’s Bengal visit a Political Stunt?

The catastrophic Cyclone Amphan which hit West Bengal on May 20, has killed around 72 people. The entire state went into blackout, many buildings collapsed, landlines went inoperable. Many videos are surfacing online which showcase the horrifying devastation Cyclone Amphan brought with itself.

Mamta Banerjee expressed her horror caused due to the disturbing circumstances in an online Press Conference, where she announced a compensation of 2.5 Lakh rupees each to the families of those who died in the cyclone. Mamta also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to pay a visit to the cyclone affected state.

“Have been seeing visuals from West Bengal on the devastation caused by Cyclone Amphan. In this challenging hour, the entire nation stands in solidarity with West Bengal. Praying for the well-being of the people of the state. Efforts are on to ensure normalcy.” Said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a tweet. He also ensured that NDRF teams are working in the cyclone affected parts, and “no stone will be left unturned”.

In wake of the situation, Prime Minister will pay a visit to the cyclone-affected states and will do an aerial survey. He will also be a part of review meetings, where matters of rehabilitation and relief will be discussed.

Odisha was another state which was affected by the cyclone, but its affects weren’t as devastating in the state as they were in West Bengal. Odisha had managed to evacuate around 1.5 lakh people and is now gearing up to turn things back to normal.  

Prime minister will be paying a visit to both the states today. It is interesting to find what the state will come up with for the relief and rehabilitation of the state, other than the 2.5 lakh compensation that was announced by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee.

Is Narendra Modi’s visit to the two cyclone-affected states a political stunt to showcase the centre’s involvement and contribution towards West Bengal, after being accused of tarnishing the state’s reputation for poor management in the case of the coronavirus crisis? It must be remembered that Bengal will be going into polls next year. Mamata Banerjee has been ruling the state since 2011. BJP was successful in making an entry in Bengal poltics after a massive 18 seats win in Lok Sabha 2019. Due to Coronavirus and states failure to handle the issue, BJP sees an opportunity to rest its power for the first time in West Bengal.

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